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10 Mistakes And Plot Holes You Missed In The Dark Knight Trilogy

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10 Mistakes And Plot Holes You Missed In The Dark Knight Trilogy

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  1. -Introducing the newest creation from Wayne Tech…. The Bat Teleporter.
    -As for how Bats survived the nuke, his ejection seat turned into a refrigerator before the boom. ☺

  2. What was the point of the decoy you ask? Well in star wars episode 2 what was the point of padme's decoy? To protect and conceal her as such it is safe to presume the same holds true here especially since we are talking about the leader of secret organization that has been around, from my understanding, centuries.

  3. I'm pretty sure the toxin in the movie works in aerosol form and has to be absorbed thru your lungs to get the affect I dont think drinking it would do the same, right? I'm no doctor or scientist but I think thats how it would work

  4. On the "Escape from the pit plot-hole": Funny how you say "Unpopulated desert" while showing the pit with a huge city in the background. Furthermore: All he had to do to get back to the U.S.A. was ask if he could use someone's phone and call Alfred. He owns a private jet, which could pick him up and take him to Wayne manor. From there he could use the tunnels connected to the Bat-Cave to get back into Gotham, as established in previous movies. #solved

  5. The fear toxin in the water was very clearly explained to only affect people through breathing it in. A lot of these aren’t plot holes. They’re answers are either obvious or had already been explained.

  6. First u say he should have better security on who Bruce hires (btw I don't think he was in charge at the time, while sulking in the dark for months.)

    Anyway back to topic, now that someone made better safety measures in having a decoy, u complain about it.

    So which is it? Should they have be careful who they hire or not… Oo

  7. As to why the joker was always one step ahead of the cops, didn't he have moles inside the police department? (Rameriz, plus the two detectives who gave that judge her, um, the exact location details on which direction she was going?) Also, it's not ureasonable to assume that Bruce Wayne had resources that no one but he would know about, aka mad money, just in case? As an ordinary person, I have $$ that my husband knows nothing about)


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