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22-Year-Old Terminally Ill Women Rejects Donor Organ, So She Can Complete Her Bucket List | Riot Housewives
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22-Year-Old Terminally Ill Women Rejects Donor Organ, So She Can Complete Her Bucket List

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22-Year-Old Terminally Ill Women Rejects Donor Organ, So She Can Complete Her Bucket List.

Channan Petrides a 22 year old girl who suffers from cystic fibrosis, was on a donor list to receive new lungs and a new heart, however she recently took her self off the donor list in order to stay healthy enough to complete her bucket list. This has inspired millions who are sharing her posts!


Doctors told her that there was a chance her new organs would fail in six months, and she could even die on the operating table, so this young girl did something that many would find hard to do. She decided instead of taking the high risks, with support from her family, she decided that she would take her self off the organ list so someone with better chances could have the organs intended for her. Now while she is still healthy she is attempting to complete her bucket list!

[quote font=”arial” font_size=”13″ bgcolor=”#” color=”#” bcolor=”#” arrow=”no”]I know I’ve taken a massive risk but I want to enjoy the time I have left, rather than stick waiting to get a call that may never come.Nobody could say for sure that the transplant would work, and I wouldn’t have been able to do anything on my bucket list because of risk of infection. Cystic fibrosis feels like having a plastic bag over your head and breathing through a straw so a lot of patients who have transplants have to learn to breathe again because they aren’t used to taking in that much air. If it brought me another twenty years, of course I’d do it, but doctors told me there was a chance I’d die on the operating table or my new organs would fail after just six months.[/quote]


Due to her struggle as a baby to gain weight, and the saltiness of her skin doctors where able to diagnose her at a very early age, however this does not mean things were easy for her at all. Most people with cystic fibrosis live around 40 years old but Channan’s health started to get bad when she was just 19.

[quote font=”arial” font_size=”13″ bgcolor=”#” color=”#” bcolor=”#” arrow=”no”]I was a normal kid. I loved sport. I was captain of Little Thurrock Dynamos football team in Essex. When I got a bit older, I’d go out with friends, go to festivals – typical teenage things. I broke up with my then boyfriend when I was 19 and the stress made me lose weight. From there, I began developing chest infections and even got pneumonia and swine flu.[/quote]

Our Prayers and love go to Channan and her family.

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  1. Eroq

    Jun 9, 2015 at 10:36 pm

    She is already dead

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Republicans Move To Trample Bannon While He Plays the Long Game



Republicans Move To Trample Bannon While He Plays the Long Game


There is no doubt that the election of Alabama’s first Democratic senator in 25-years, is a devastating blow to Breitbart supporter Steve Bannon. The first year of Donald Trump as president was a resounding signal to the world that extremist alt-right politicians were well on their way to seizing government power. That was until the Deep State establishment that Bannon and Trump claimed to be fighting ended up protecting their reign in August when establishment figures officially rejected Bannon and his extremists.

WATCH Steve Bannon Refuse To Speak Following The Defeat Of Roy Moore

Republican establishment taking action against Bannon

With the special election in Alabama, many feared that Bannon’s influence and support for Roy Moore would have confirmed him as a more relevant influencer of conservative politics. The New York Times reported that last week, Bannon was among a small group of conservative leaders who assembled at the Trump International Hotel in D.C. He said that his conservatives needed to stop playing “footsie” with the establishment and added that members of the establishment generally just “pat you on your head and send you on your way.”

The Times article pointed to Scott W. Reed who is a chief political strategist for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, who said that Bannon’s money needed to dry up. The Times suggested Reed’s organization was a pillar of the Republican establishment that Bannon claims to loathe adding that top Republicans were calling donors nationwide to persuade them to not donate to Bannon.

Reed also said that a wedge needed to driven between Bannon and Trump, who apparently calls the Breitbart CEO regularly. Reed hopes this can be done by painting Bannon as a loser as Trump seems to be more interested in supporting “winners.”

Bannon still “wins”

To many, Roy Moore’s loss is also Bannon’s loss. But Bannon claimed that he was playing the long game after Moore was defeated on Tuesday, saying that a single defeat would not derail him from his goal. At the same time, he also said that Roy Moore might not have been the right candidate to push economic nationalism. He also blamed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Republicans who didn’t vote for Moore who cast write-in ballots instead. Even with this, he claimed that those same votes were still victories for his base.

Bannon hopes to take the fact that Doug Jones won to make it look that McConnell pushed for a Democrat by not supporting Moore. The lack of support by McConnell, however, was not very clear despite the allegations against the Alabama Republican candidate of sexual misconduct and pedophilia. When the news reports were first circulating, McConnell himself had said that if the allegations were true that Moore should consider removing himself from the race. The Republican National Committee withdrew from a joint fundraising agreement they had with Moore. But Republicans overall made no effort to stop the candidate and allowed him the chance to win.

Republican Senator Caught On Hot Mic Calling The GOP ‘Toast’ (VIDEO)

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As Bannon said that he would play the long-game, he still seems determined to be seen as the chief strategist who holds the cards, saying that he would push on his message for economic nationalism in other states for the coming mid-terms. One former Trump campaign official said that they had to learn from the Alabama election that they can’t afford to lose Republican seats over bad candidates, which suggests he was referring to Moore. This, however, still didn’t stop the administration from spinning the Republican candidate’s reputation in a more “favorable” light prior to election night. Even President Trump said that voting for Moore was better than electing a Democrat to the Senate.

Trump and Bannon take different roads

Even though Bannon remains adamant about pushing his candidates for 2018, journalists and pundits predict that President Trump is likely to submit to establishment Republicans and away from Bannonism, in order to ensure that Republicans continue to hold power in both congressional chambers. In fact, former campaign manager and chief of staff for Mitch McConnell, Josh Holmes has said that it was imperative that both the Senate GOP and Trump’s White House be on the same page.

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Prior to Roy Moore’s campaign for the U.S. Senate seat, President Trump was public about his support for Luther Strange which confused many because many thought that Bannon’s support for Moore would have been the natural go-to for Trump. It was later learned that McConnell and even Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner convinced Trump to support Strange. His loss during the primaries to Moore was seen as an embarrassment to Trump and there were reports that he was livid with McConnell and his own aides. Another loss with Moore could be interpreted by Trump, either way.

One administration official has said that these losses are an example of why and when the President should refrain from engaging in contested elections. In the coming months, the seats for Senators Jeff Flake (AZ) and Dean Heller (NV) are up for election, two senators who have already clashed with the President, and have to deal with Bannon’s looming support for his candidates. Mississippi, Nebraska, and Wyoming are also some of the states on the map that will be fought over using the lessons learned from the Alabama special election.

[Featured image manipulated by @JonMarkDraws from images by Laszlo Bartha/Don Irvine, Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0]

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Breitbart Tells Us The Real Reason It Backed Roy Moore (TWEETS)



Breitbart Tells Us The Real Reason It Backed Roy Moore (TWEETS)


For most of the fall, the conventional wisdom in the political world was that Steve Bannon and Breitbart News saw the race for Jeff Sessions’ old Senate seat in Alabama as the first battle in a “Season of War” on the Republican establishment. Bannon wants to dump Mitch McConnell as Senate majority leader, and to that end initially set his sights on primarying as many Senate Republicans as possible.

It initially seemed that Moore’s candidacy gave Bannon an early opportunity to take out an “establishment” incumbent, so naturally he and Breitbart went all-in for him. But on Friday, the number-three man at Breitbart told us that there was a more fundamental reason why Breitbart went all-in for Moore–to protect Donald Trump.

On Friday’s edition of “Breitbart News Daily,” editor-in-chief Alex Marlow said that when The Washington Post reported that multiple women accused Moore of molesting them or pursuing them when they were teenagers, “there was no option at Breitbart” to back away from Moore. Why?

“If you set the standard that Roy Moore, who was accused of abusing five women, three of whom–or six women, three of whom were not actually accusing him of doing anything illegal, two of whom either had a massive conflict of interest or were entirely uncredible for putting out a forged yearbook, that left one accuser and it was a he said, she said. If you make that the standard, the left is going to use it to take out President Trump.”

Marlow went on to say that had Breitbart backed away from Moore, it would have given Trump’s foes on both sides of the aisle to push for his removal, or at the very least create “massive distractions” for the Donald. That, Marlow said, was why Breitbart and Bannon continued to support Moore even though they knew he was “a horrible candidate” and “a terrible candidate” who had only won his previous races in squeakers even though the Alabama Democratic Party Lest you think this is snark, Media Matters got a clip.

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Well, this explains a few things. If you’ll remember, Breitbart rushed out with a preemptive attack on the accusers’ credibility before The Post’s story went live. In the campaign’s last month, it yelled to the heavens that the whole thing was fake news and a politically motivated hit job. Bannon adamantly insisted that the only people who had a right to render a verdict on this issue were the people of Alabama. One Breitbart editor went as far to say that even if Moore took an interest in teenage girls, it didn’t run counter to the “social mores” of north-central Alabama in the 1980s.

Marlow himself told Politico in November that the race between Moore and Doug Jones meant “more than just one race.” Well, now we know what it must have meant to Bannon and friends. Breitbart is so determined to keep the wolves away from Trump’s door that they are willing to prop up any schmuck willing to yell “MAGA!” We already knew Breitbart had no standards to speak of, but this is just staggering.

Not surprisingly, Twitter was not amused.

There’s another reason that this disclosure from Marlow is very telling. For the last year, Breitbart and other Trump diehards have insisted that any talk Trump engaged in sexual misconduct is fake news. That line has been picked up by most Trump loyalists, who see it as an attempt by the deep state to keep Trump from draining the swamp.

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And yet, unless I heard wrong, Marlow has effectively told the right-wing choir that there may be something to those charges. After all, if they really are fake news, why does Trump need to be protected from them? Perhaps Marlow and Breitbart know that the walls are starting to close in.

(featured image courtesy Moore’s Facebook)

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Trump ‘Doesn’t Trust’ Intel On Russian Election Meddling



Trump ‘Doesn’t Trust’ Intel On Russian Election Meddling


Lest we forget we have sitting in the Oval Office a Russian puppet, information that broke this week in the Washington Post should serve as a stark reminder.

In the days leading up to Donald Trump’s inauguration, members of his inner circle beseeched him to publicly acknowledge what 17 U.S. intelligence agencies and former President Barack Obama had already confirmed—Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election and influenced the outcome that was about to make Trump president.

On January 6, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, CIA Director John Brennan, and FBI Director James Comey delivered their dire conclusion to the President-elect.

Campaign advisers that reportedly included Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and future chief of staff, Reince Priebus, decided to hold a meeting at Trump Tower to persuade Trump to validate the foreign influence in a way that would still not diminish his electoral victory.

They argued it was the only way to publicly dismiss the matter so Trump could pursue closer ties with Russian President Vladi­mir Putin upon taking office.

But it did not go well.

Trump reportedly became agitated, and carried on about how the intelligence couldn’t be trusted. He scoffed at the suggestion anything other than his own strategy, message, and charisma fueled his political victory.

When Trump was told his incoming cabinet members supported the intelligence report, Trump shot back, “So what?”

Admitting the Kremlin hacked Democratic Party emails, he claimed, was a “trap.”

January 11, Trump came closest to admitting the truth when he told journalists in the Trump Tower lobby:

“As far as hacking, I think it was Russia. We also get hacked by other countries and other people.”

Afterward, he admitted to aides he had erred in saying that:

“It’s not me. It wasn’t right.”

Nearly a year into his presidency, Trump has never held a Cabinet-level meeting regarding Russian interference or what to do about it in the future, leaving us vulnerable to future attacks.

Lower levels National Security Council (NSC) officials have addressed it, though, and acknowledge there is implicit understanding that to broach the matter would offend the president.

In the past year, the administration has relaxed sanctions on Russia the Obama administration imposed for election interference.

Trump’s administration has considered returning two Russian compounds in Maryland and New York President Obama seized after receiving confirmation Russia meddled in the election.

Trump also opposed congressional measures to impose additional sanctions, but reluctantly accepted.

Today, Trump officials defend the president’s neglect, insisting Trump’s policies are actually harsher than Obama’s.

A senior administration official said:

“Our approach is that we don’t irritate Russia, we deter Russia. The last administration had it exactly backwards.”

Another senior official said:

“The president obviously feels . . . that the idea that he’s been put into office by Vladi­mir Putin is pretty insulting. Our first order in dealing with Russia is trying to counter a lot of the destabilizing activity that Russia engages in.”

CIA director under President George W. Bush, Michael Hayden, characterizes the Russian interference as the political equivalent of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorists attacks.

In an interview, Hayden said:

“What the president [Obama] has to say is, ‘We know the Russians did it, they know they did it, I know they did it, and we will not rest until we learn everything there is to know about how and do everything possible to prevent it from happening again’. [Trump] has never said anything close to that and will never say anything close to that.”


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