23 Pictures of Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor Shirtless

Ever since Vanderpump Rules premiered its very first episode, I have been drooling over Jax Taylor! Sure he is a complete jerk, and totally not relationship worthy…. but I wouldn’t mind touching those abs! He may be a liar, and a horrible boyfriend….but atleast hes pretty!

All Jax Taylor needs to do for the rest of his life is workout, and he has a job for life. With a face like his, and a body to make a girl wet, Jax Taylor is seriously our Man Crush Monday…. every Monday! Forget the fact that Jax Taylor was arrested in Hawaii…. actually better yet after seeing Jax Taylor’s mugshot…. you can arrest me too as long as you put me in the same cell!

Considering Vanderpump Rules is returning for its fourth season tonight, and we already posted spoilers on the entire season, we thought hell why not have a gallery of Jax Taylor Shirtless! So ladies…. in order to get ready for tonight’s premiere of Vanderpump Rules…. here are some photos that will make you drool!

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