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5 Things You Should Never Ask Someone Who is Gay

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While the world may be finally changing for the better…. and the people in it may have become more accepting… there are still a few things that you shouldn’t ask or say to someone who is gay, transgender, bisexual or questioning. You would never meet someone is black and proceed to tell them that you have another black friend who you think would be a perfect match for them because well he’s black…. so why do people say this stuff to gay people all the time? Why is everyone so fascinated about if it hurts to take it in the ass!? Here are some questions you should probably just keep to yourself!

I Have a Gay Friend! Do You Want to go on a Date with Him?!

Listen it’s great and all to know that you have a gay friend… but I don’t want to be set up with them. Would you ever go up to a black person that you just met…. and tell them that you have a black friend…. and If that statement wasn’t bad enough… would you then proceed to try and set this person up with your black friend…. because since they’re both black they must be attracted to each other…right? Wrong, just because two people are gay.. does not mean that they are destined for each other. First off I have boyfriend so it’s pretty annoying meeting someone for the first time, and they proceed to try and set me up on a date with their gay friend before even asking me if i’m single. Secondly if I was single… I could find my own date; thank you very much and I certainly wouldn’t find my date from a perfect stranger! I understand that you are trying to be friendly; but seriously think about what you are saying before you word vomit. It’s offensive, plain and simple… seriously people just think before you fucking speak!

I Always Wanted a Gay Bestfriend, Can we be Besties!!?!

Woah there buddy we just met…. I’m not sure we are quite ready to be best friends just yet! This statement is almost as insulting as saying…. I always wanted a black friend. Seriously think about it for second…. you’re insinuating that being gay is different… and that a gay friend is different than a straight friend. What’s the difference? Why do you need a gay best friend? Why can’t you just say you always wanted a BEST FRIEND? Seriously forget the gay part; we all don’t spend our days shopping and trying on lipgloss. Honestly I hate shopping for other people; it’s one thing if i’m getting a cute outfit…. but I don’t want to pick out YOUR outfit. We are not all the same…. some of us would rather watch the football game, and others would rather dance around in high heels. Having a gay best friend… is no different than having a straight best friend (female or male)… so please if you ever see me in public…. don’t tell me you always wanted a gay best friend because honestly I don’t care.

When Exactly Did You Know You Were Gay?

Now this one is for people you just met; asking your friend of 5 years when he or she knew they were gay is a lot different than asking someone you just met. When I meet someone for the first time I try not to ask them what size tampon they use or if they shave their kitty or not…. because it’s a personal question. We were all born this way in short… haven’t you ever listened to Lady Gaga? So chances are that the same time you realized you were straight…. we realized we were gay. Seriously I’ve never asked someone when they realized they were straight because I figured like being gay it’s something you always kind of knew. Sure a lot of gay people don’t come out until they are much older… hell some even come out as Bisexual even when they are 100% gay. It’s not like one day we woke up and we’re like hmmm… maybe i’ll be gay for now on…. it’s actually more of an identity issue. It’s more of a how will my friends react or how will my parents react type of thing. I think that most of the LGBT community knew there so called “label” way before they actually tell people about it…. we were born this way and sometimes it just takes some of us longer than others to come to terms with our sexuality.

Doesn’t it Hurt? & How Do You Know You’re Gay?

I can’t even count the amount of times I have been asked about taking it in the ass. Seriously like…. why does it even matter? Sex can be a great thing; it can bring two souls closer to each other… if it hurts as much as people assume it does… do you really think we would continue to take it in the ass? I try not to ask people I just met if it hurt the first time their cherry was popped…. because A. it’s an obvious answer and B. who the fuck cares? Google male prostates and you will find your answer if you are so curious, but ask me in person and I will just make up some crazy story to amuse myself! Hell take it in the ass yourself if you’re so curious! BTW not all gay men have anal sex…. How does one know when they are gay you ask? Well this one is a little more obvious than the others…. its also probably the same answer to the question that is never asked…. how did you know you were straight? For a gay man…. my guess would be when you constantly are getting boners when you see a hot guy…. you know you’re gay. For a Lesbian chances are her vagina got wet when thinking about girls. Plain and simple…. we know we are gay the same way you know you’re straight!

Who is the Man and Who is the Woman!?

Whenever I am asked who is the man and who is the woman in my relationship I start to feel a little bit sick to my stomach. Considering that we are both males…. I would assume that we both are the men in the relationship. There is no woman in a gay mans relationship… and there is no man in a lesbian relationship. We are both just…. the same gender. Sure maybe one of us is more manly than the other; but just because he is more manly doesn’t even mean that he’s the bottom in the relationship. So what are you really asking? Seriously… what the fuck are you trying to ask? If you are trying to ask us who takes it up the ass… why don’t you first tell me about your sex life? If i’m close friends with someone…. chances are they already know my sexual preferences in bed… so if you don’t… it’s probably because we aren’t as close as you think… or I just met you. There is no man or woman in a gay mans relationship… we are both just men plain and simple. Just because one person is more fem than the other…. doesn’t mean that he is the one who takes it in the ass. Now you know… so please stop asking.

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Weinstein Makes Trump’s Debauchery Look Like ‘Child’s Play’ (VIDEO/TWEET)



Weinstein Makes Trump’s Debauchery Look Like ‘Child’s Play’ (VIDEO/TWEET)


Ever since the news broke that megaproducer Harvey Weinstein had sexually assaulted dozens of women and paid them thousands of dollars to keep quiet, we’ve seen a remarkable display of distortion and contortion on the right. Many of the same people who continued to back Donald Trump after the “Access Hollywood” tapes came to light have tried to claim the moral high ground on this matter. They’ve tried to use Weinstein’s status as a longstanding Democratic megadonor to tie him around Democrats’ necks.

But one conservative talk show host may have done something even more outrageous than that. He claimed–with a straight face–that Trump’s alleged misdeeds aren’t nearly as bad as those of Weinstein.

Weinstein has fallen from Hollywood legend to Hollywood pariah in record time. That fall continued over the weekend, when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences expelled him. He also faces criminal investigations on both sides of the Atlantic. Inevitably, that’s triggered questions about why Trump hasn’t been held to account yet. Apparently that didn’t sit well with the folks on “Fox & Friends,” because they felt the need to find a counterpoint.

They got one in the person of libertarian Republican talk show host Larry Elder. Think Progress got a clip.

After reading a series of tweets suggesting it was time to call Trump on the carpet now that Weinstein was facing justice, hosts Steve Doocy and Ainsley Earhardt asked Elder for his thoughts. Elder hit the ceiling.

“Oh, for crying out loud! Harvey Weinstein has had now, I think, over 30 accusations of sexual assault, including five accusations of rape! Whatever Donald Trump has done is child’s play compared to this.”

I had to listen to this twice in order to believe what I was hearing. Is Elder willing to tell the 15 women who have accused Trump of sexual assault that what happened to them was merely “child’s play”? Is he willing to say that to the faces of the three women who spoke up this weekend to Buzzfeed?

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Believe it or not, the rest of Elder’s soliloquy went downhill from there. See for yourself.

Elder riffed about how Weinstein’s debauchery was an open secret in Hollywood for years, and blasted “Hollywood A-listers” and “social justice warriors” for not speaking up sooner.

What Elder didn’t tell you is that once this finally came to light, Weinstein fell fast and fell hard. Within four days, his own company had fired him. By Saturday, the British and American film academies had given him the boot. On Monday afternoon, the Producers Guild of America began the process of removing Weinstein. This is far, far, far more than has ever been done since women started coming forward with allegations against Trump.

Let’s be clear. It is nothing short of disgraceful that the lid wasn’t blown on the dung pile surrounding Weinstein sooner. But at the end of the day, what is done once matters like this comes to light is as important, if not more important.

Earlier, Elder harrumphed that Trump had “not admitted to being a sexual assaulter at all.” One has to wonder if Elder was listening to the same tape that the rest of the nation heard. Trump was clearly speaking about things he’d actually done to women. And even if you dismiss that, you can’t credibly dismiss a recently uncovered tape in which Trump told Howard Stern that he groped Melania in public.

But then again, Elder is in no position to say anything to anyone about this issue. A quick perusal of Elder’s social media feeds reveals that on October 8, 2016–hours after the tapes were released–Elder shared a link to a story from the notoriously right-wing “news” site Western Journalism suggesting that Dan Senor, a senior adviser to House Speaker Paul Ryan, had leaked the tape in an act of “sabotage.” No, this isn’t snark.

Screenshot courtesy Elder's Facebook

Screenshot courtesy Elder’s Facebook

Unless I’m very wrong, just hours after we learned that Trump had been caught on tape reveling in degrading women, Elder was seemingly endorsing a call for the messenger to be effectively shot. And yet, during this same time, Elder was bleating and screeting about how hypocritical the Democrats were about Bill Clinton and the Kennedys.

Let’s see if we’re understanding this correctly. Last year, Elder showed he was more worried about who leaked the “Access Hollywood” tapes than the fact they revealed Trump was a debauched jerk–while at the same time calling out Democrats for coddling people with a h. And now, he’s not only claiming that Weinstein is far worse, but is wagging his finger at Hollywood for covering him up. Process that for a moment.

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Last week, Sebastian Gorka claimed that Weinstein happened as a result of Democrats destroying the right’s culture of respect for women. If what we saw from Elder is an example of that “respect,” I’ll pass.

(featured image courtesy Gage Skidmore, available via a Creative Commons BY-SA license)

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NJ Teacher Tells Class To ‘Speak American’



NJ Teacher Tells Class To ‘Speak American’


Last week, a high school class in Cliffside Park, New Jersey played host to one of the most staggeringly racist incidents in recent memory. When a teacher overheard some of her students speaking Spanish, she snapped that they ought to “speak American.”

On Thursday, The Daily Voice learned about a disturbing video from Cliffside Park High School. A teacher overheard students whispering in Spanish. But she couldn’t leave well enough alone by merely telling them to stop. She had to play the race card. Watch here.

The teacher was heard snapping at the students:

“Men and women are fighting. They are not fighting for your right to speak Spanish, they are fighting for your right to speak American.”

Understandably, that didn’t play well with the students, at least one of whom walked out.

On Friday, the principal called an assembly to discuss the issue. Apparently that didn’t diffuse the matter, because on Monday, some 50 students walked out of class during fourth period. They walked out waving flags from Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Brazil, among others. Cliffside Park High is one of the most diverse schools in New Jersey; some 67 percent of the student body identifies as minority, and they speak more than 40 languages. At last report, almost 64 percent of the students spoke a language other than English at home, with Spanish accounting for over 44 percent.

According to WABC-TV in New York, the student who was the object of the teacher’s ire was Yenifer Pinales, who said that the teacher blew a gasket after overhearing her speak Spanish. According to the fluently bilingual Pinales, the teacher yelled at her that she was “fed up with you speaking Spanish.”

When Pinales told the teacher that she was disgusted at those comments, the teacher kicked her out of class. However, this seems to be a classic case of “two wrongs don’t make a right.” While Pinales shouldn’t have been whispering, this teacher’s response was beyond unprofessional.

A number of residents stopped in the street to watch the walkout. One of them was Rene Lavergeneau, the former foreign languages and English as a Second Language coordinator for the public schools in nearby Hackensack. She told The (Bergen County) Record that it was “deplorable” for a teacher to say such a thing to a student “who’s here because this is a land of opportunity.” Lavergeneau said that the teacher should have understood that “speaking Spanish is an asset.”

Students of many ethnic backgrounds took part in the walkout. Among them was Turkish-American Eren Dayakli, who was particularly insulted by the teacher’s claim that soldiers were fighting for the right to speak American. Dayakli said that both of his uncles served in the military, but “they weren’t even born here.”

The walkout took place despite threats that anyone who did so would be suspended. Considering the circumstances, there’s no defensible reason for suspensions here. After all, the students were not provoking anything. They were responding to provocation–possibly intentional, but a provocation nonetheless.

The Cliffside Park Board of Education called a meeting for Monday night in closed session to discuss a personnel matter–presumably related to the teacher. At the very least, this teacher is in serious need of sensitivity training. As the son of a teacher, and as someone who counts a number of teachers as friends and has dated teachers in the past, this woman is in serious need of sensitivity training. And unless she can explain why she couldn’t have simply told Pinales to stop whispering rather than rant about the need to “speak American,” she owes that class an apology.

(featured image courtesy Jim.henderson, part of public domain)

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Richard Spencer Isn’t Just Racist–His Sexism Says Women Shouldn’t Vote (TWEETS)



Richard Spencer Isn’t Just Racist–His Sexism Says Women Shouldn’t Vote (TWEETS)


It’s been amply established that Richard Spencer is one of the worst people in the world. His life’s dream is to establish a white-only country that would be a “safe space” for the white race. To that end, he has also called for “peaceful ethnic cleansing“–without explaining how it is possible for ethnic cleansing to be at all peaceful.

What you may not know is that his views on women’s rights are just as backwards as his views on race. Newsweek’s Michael Hayden discovered this in an interview with Spencer shortly after his second Tiki torch rally in Charlottesville.

Spencer and Hayden were discussing the Naturalization Acts of 1790 and 1795, a pair of breathtaking documents that effectively limited naturalization to free whites of good moral character who had lived in this country for five years. Hayden reminded Spencer that we lived in a very different world now, and then asked him if he wanted to go back to the days before women could vote. When pressed, Spencer said that he didn’t think it was “necessarily a good thing” to let women vote.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Remember, Spencer is essentially a Nazi, and his views seem to echo the Nazi line on the role of women. Hitler felt that women should primarily be wives and mothers, and were locked out of most positions of responsibility.

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It also represents a natural evolution on Spencer’s view that a woman has no business in the White House? Why? He doesn’t think women should be entrusted with foreign policy.

Megan Squire, a professor of computing sciences at Elon University, sees something else. To Squire’s mind, Spencer’s wariness about letting women vote is an outgrowth of his racism. She believes the alt-right is “upset that the world is changing around them”–and one of the most visible signs of that change is the influx of women in the workplace. This certainly makes sense. After all, it gets on these knuckledraggers’ last nerve that they are indeed being replaced.

Christina Speer of Fordham University sees something even more ominous. She believes that if the alt-right wants to take the vote away from women, then there’s no longer any doubt–“they want to roll back the entire 20th century on us.”

Spencer’s only public response so far has been a couple of retweets. One was from reporter Ken Klippenstein, which summed up the alt-right’s view on women having the vote in just a few words.

Spencer then retweeted a reply from Evan McLaren, the executive director of Spencer’s racist think tank, the National Policy Institute.

So even if women were allowed to have the vote, they should only vote the way their husbands tell them to vote. Lovely.

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For some time, I’ve wondered what it would be like to be a white nationalist’s girlfriend or wife. Well, now we have our answer.

(featured image courtesy Vas Panagiotopoulos, available under a Creative Commons-BY license)

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