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5 Things You Should Never Ask Someone Who is Gay

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While the world may be finally changing for the better…. and the people in it may have become more accepting… there are still a few things that you shouldn’t ask or say to someone who is gay, transgender, bisexual or questioning. You would never meet someone is black and proceed to tell them that you have another black friend who you think would be a perfect match for them because well he’s black…. so why do people say this stuff to gay people all the time? Why is everyone so fascinated about if it hurts to take it in the ass!? Here are some questions you should probably just keep to yourself!

I Have a Gay Friend! Do You Want to go on a Date with Him?!

Listen it’s great and all to know that you have a gay friend… but I don’t want to be set up with them. Would you ever go up to a black person that you just met…. and tell them that you have a black friend…. and If that statement wasn’t bad enough… would you then proceed to try and set this person up with your black friend…. because since they’re both black they must be attracted to each other…right? Wrong, just because two people are gay.. does not mean that they are destined for each other. First off I have boyfriend so it’s pretty annoying meeting someone for the first time, and they proceed to try and set me up on a date with their gay friend before even asking me if i’m single. Secondly if I was single… I could find my own date; thank you very much and I certainly wouldn’t find my date from a perfect stranger! I understand that you are trying to be friendly; but seriously think about what you are saying before you word vomit. It’s offensive, plain and simple… seriously people just think before you fucking speak!

I Always Wanted a Gay Bestfriend, Can we be Besties!!?!

Woah there buddy we just met…. I’m not sure we are quite ready to be best friends just yet! This statement is almost as insulting as saying…. I always wanted a black friend. Seriously think about it for second…. you’re insinuating that being gay is different… and that a gay friend is different than a straight friend. What’s the difference? Why do you need a gay best friend? Why can’t you just say you always wanted a BEST FRIEND? Seriously forget the gay part; we all don’t spend our days shopping and trying on lipgloss. Honestly I hate shopping for other people; it’s one thing if i’m getting a cute outfit…. but I don’t want to pick out YOUR outfit. We are not all the same…. some of us would rather watch the football game, and others would rather dance around in high heels. Having a gay best friend… is no different than having a straight best friend (female or male)… so please if you ever see me in public…. don’t tell me you always wanted a gay best friend because honestly I don’t care.

When Exactly Did You Know You Were Gay?

Now this one is for people you just met; asking your friend of 5 years when he or she knew they were gay is a lot different than asking someone you just met. When I meet someone for the first time I try not to ask them what size tampon they use or if they shave their kitty or not…. because it’s a personal question. We were all born this way in short… haven’t you ever listened to Lady Gaga? So chances are that the same time you realized you were straight…. we realized we were gay. Seriously I’ve never asked someone when they realized they were straight because I figured like being gay it’s something you always kind of knew. Sure a lot of gay people don’t come out until they are much older… hell some even come out as Bisexual even when they are 100% gay. It’s not like one day we woke up and we’re like hmmm… maybe i’ll be gay for now on…. it’s actually more of an identity issue. It’s more of a how will my friends react or how will my parents react type of thing. I think that most of the LGBT community knew there so called “label” way before they actually tell people about it…. we were born this way and sometimes it just takes some of us longer than others to come to terms with our sexuality.

Doesn’t it Hurt? & How Do You Know You’re Gay?

I can’t even count the amount of times I have been asked about taking it in the ass. Seriously like…. why does it even matter? Sex can be a great thing; it can bring two souls closer to each other… if it hurts as much as people assume it does… do you really think we would continue to take it in the ass? I try not to ask people I just met if it hurt the first time their cherry was popped…. because A. it’s an obvious answer and B. who the fuck cares? Google male prostates and you will find your answer if you are so curious, but ask me in person and I will just make up some crazy story to amuse myself! Hell take it in the ass yourself if you’re so curious! BTW not all gay men have anal sex…. How does one know when they are gay you ask? Well this one is a little more obvious than the others…. its also probably the same answer to the question that is never asked…. how did you know you were straight? For a gay man…. my guess would be when you constantly are getting boners when you see a hot guy…. you know you’re gay. For a Lesbian chances are her vagina got wet when thinking about girls. Plain and simple…. we know we are gay the same way you know you’re straight!

Who is the Man and Who is the Woman!?

Whenever I am asked who is the man and who is the woman in my relationship I start to feel a little bit sick to my stomach. Considering that we are both males…. I would assume that we both are the men in the relationship. There is no woman in a gay mans relationship… and there is no man in a lesbian relationship. We are both just…. the same gender. Sure maybe one of us is more manly than the other; but just because he is more manly doesn’t even mean that he’s the bottom in the relationship. So what are you really asking? Seriously… what the fuck are you trying to ask? If you are trying to ask us who takes it up the ass… why don’t you first tell me about your sex life? If i’m close friends with someone…. chances are they already know my sexual preferences in bed… so if you don’t… it’s probably because we aren’t as close as you think… or I just met you. There is no man or woman in a gay mans relationship… we are both just men plain and simple. Just because one person is more fem than the other…. doesn’t mean that he is the one who takes it in the ass. Now you know… so please stop asking.


More Fears Senate Pages Won’t Be Safe Around Roy Moore (TWEETS)



More Fears Senate Pages Won’t Be Safe Around Roy Moore (TWEETS)


Late last week, veteran Republican consultant Steve Schmidt asked a question that few people had asked about the prospect of Roy Moore going to the Senate–what was being done to keep the Senate pages safe?

This isn’t an idle concern. Given the very credible accusations that Moore molested women and pursued girls young enough to be his daughter, we have to hope that someone is at least thinking about a plan to protect the high school juniors who spend a semester serving as Senate messengers and aides while learning how our government works.

Well, it turns out that at least one Senator shares Schmidt’s concerns–Cory Booker. Just before heading to Alabama to campaign for Moore’s Democratic opponent, Doug Jones, the New Jersey Democrat threw down the gauntlet to Moore.

Booker was referring to a speech Moore gave on Tuesday while campaigning alongside Steve Bannon. Moore, a West Point graduate and Vietnam veteran, took a swipe at preparations for the armed forces to allow transgender Americans to enlist.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If I’m in a foxhole, I don’t want to know if this guy next to me is wondering if he’s a woman or a man or is flipped back and forth. That’s not a military–we need a strong military.”

So a guy who has been credibly accused of molesting teenagers is worried about serving alongside a transgender soldier? No wonder Booker was upset.

Later on Saturday, Booker revealed that a number of former pages were unnerved at the thought of Moore winning on Tuesday, and shared an op-ed in The Washington Post from one of them.

The article was written by Madison Haddix, who served as a Senate page from Tennessee in her junior year. She fears that if Moore wins, it will represent a betrayal of “the trust that young people have in our leaders.”

Haddix recalled that even though she worked with a number of Senators whose political beliefs were radically different from hers. She is a staunch Democrat, but was appointed by Lamar she had a “mutual respect” for them. She was aware that the goal of the page program was to ensure that “the future generation learns from the present, and the present learns from the future.”

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For that reason, Haddix said, pages look up to the Senators they serve. She recalled seeing Bernie Sanders give a speech on health care, and James Lankford speak on the national debt. She also remembered the “pride” she felt when Joe Biden stopped to talk with the cafeteria staff, and was in “awe” when Tammy Duckworth and Kamala Harris were sworn in.

Haddix then wrote about what the pages would see in a Senator Roy Moore.

“If Moore joins the Senate, each time he makes a speech, 30 pairs of eyes will be looking up at him from the rostrum — 30 16-year-olds who should be able to look up to him as a mentor, who should be guided by his actions. Whoever fills the seat from Alabama should be able to look at the pages and see hope and innocence. But Moore does not appear to see children that way. How can Moore be expected to make decisions with the interests of children at heart when he stands accused of betraying children? How can he learn from pages, and how can pages learn from him, when he is accused of viewing girls our age through such a twisted lens?”

Haddix went on to say that if Moore wins on Tuesday, it would damage “the hope and trust my generation should be able to have” in our nation’s leaders. No doubt other former pages are thinking the same thing.

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It has been amply established that Moore is not just an Alabama matter, contrary to what Bannon and other Republicans would have you believe. But this is yet more proof that Americans at large have every right to be concerned. We should not have to ask if we can trust our Senators around kids. One would hope that those in a position to address this matter are at least thinking about how to do so.

(featured image courtesy Moore’s Facebook)

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Fox News Briefly Rejoiced After Trump Critic Gets Hurt (VIDEO/TWEETS)



Fox News Briefly Rejoiced After Trump Critic Gets Hurt (VIDEO/TWEETS)


For some time, right-wing diehards have tried to make us believe that there’s an 11th Commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of Donald Trump.” To hear them talk, the consequences for doing so are very severe. For instance, Carrie Underwood fell and broke her wrist earlier in the month. To hear the Trump diehards talk, it was punishment for daring to mock Trump at the CMA Music Awards a few days earlier.

Well, apparently that mentality has spread to Fox News Channel. For a few hours on Sunday, the fair and balanced network skipped and danced after one of the most decorated athletes in American history suffered a grave injury. Why? Because she dared to criticize Trump.

On Wednesday, Lindsey Vonn, the most successful ski racer that this country has ever produced, sat down for an interview with CNN to talk about her preparations for the 2018 Winter Olympics. When asked about how she would feel competing for a country whose president is Trump, Vonn minced no words.

Vonn was in St. Moritz gearing up for the World Cup, the last major competition before the Olympics. She told CNN’s Christina Macfarlane that when she heads to Pyeongchang, “I hope to represent the people of the United States, not the president.” She also said that if she won a gold medal, she would not accept an invitation to the White House.

Oh, how the right howled. On “Fox & Friends,” Peter Hegseth all but called Vonn and other athletes thinking of following her example ingrates for “preemptively declaring their resistance” to Trump. Ainsley Earhardt said that Vonn was “very un-American.”

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Right-wing Twitter was no less outraged.

The scolding continued on Saturday, when Tomi Lahren accused Vonn of disrespecting other Americans as well.

Later that day in St. Moritz, Vonn was crossing the finish line at a World Cup super-G race when she collapsed and grabbed her lower back. She later told her Twitter fans that she’d jarred her back during the race.

By Sunday morning, Vonn’s back hadn’t healed enough to let her compete in that day’s events. However, she was still in high spirits.

Unfortunately, a number of commenters on both Twitter and Facebook felt the need to kick Vonn when she was down.

A few hours later, the folks who run Fox News’ Website got in on the act. This was the original headline for their story on Vonn’s injury.

(screenshot courtesy Fox News via ThinkProgress)

(screenshot courtesy Fox News via ThinkProgress)

The story’s second sentence drove the supposed point home.

“The injury occurred two days after she criticized President Donald Trump in an interview about the upcoming Winter Olympics in South Korea.”

This was, without a doubt, one of the lowest blows ever struck by Fox News in its 21-year history. The fair and balanced network was essentially taking a victory lap over a Trump critic being injured. What makes it even worse is that it didn’t come from one of Fox News’ commentators or contributors. This came from the news side.

By Sunday afternoon, someone had the decency to cut out “after Trump comments” from the headline, and also removed “after Trump comments” from the slug. Posts about the story on Fox News’ official Facebook and Twitter feeds also omitted this cheap shot. However, the story still contains the sentence noting Vonn was injured after criticizing Trump. A search on Google still reveals a link containing the original cheap shot headline and slug.

Granted, this is to be expected from Fox News. After all, it saw fit to trash Jimmy Carter on its official Twitter account just hours after it was announced that his liver cancer had begun spreading. But can you imagine what would have happened had MSNBC, CNN, or a Big Three network news site seen fit to suggest a right-leaning athlete had gotten hurt for speaking ill of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton? There would have rightly been demands for whoever wrote the headline and the story to be fired.

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Regardless of what you think about Vonn’s comments, this was several miles over the line. Fox News needs to delete that sentence suggesting Vonn was hurt for criticizing Trump, discipline who wrote this story, and issue an on-air apology to Vonn. Let Fox News have it on Facebook and on Twitter.

(featured image courtesy Duncan Rawlinson, available under a Creative Commons-BY license)

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Alabama’s Other Senator Could Not Bring Himself To Vote For Roy Moore (VIDEO)



Alabama’s Other Senator Could Not Bring Himself To Vote For Roy Moore (VIDEO)


The GOP has no idea what to do with Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. He has been ignored, endorsed, told to withdraw from the race, and every other option available. One significant person does not want him anywhere near the Alabama Senate seat, however: the man who would be his fellow Senator representing the state of Alabama, Richard Shelby.

Shelby appeared on CNN’s State of the Union this morning, and he had some interesting insights into the Alabama Senate race between Democrat Doug Jones and Republican Roy Moore. He told host Jake Tapper:

“I’d rather see the Republican win, but I’d rather see a Republican write-in. I couldn’t vote for Roy Moore. I didn’t vote for Roy Moore.”

Shelby did not vote for Jones, Moore’s Democratic opponent. Instead, he wrote in a candidate. He did not say who he voted for.

Multiple women have accused Moore of sexual misconduct, including one woman who says that Moore acted inappropriately towards her when she was only fourteen years old. Multiple sources have stated that Moore’s behavior towards young girls was a bit of an open secret in Alabama over the past few decades. Moore has denied all charges against him.

Shelby also told Tapper that Republicans and the state of Alabama all deserve better than Roy Moore.

President Donald Trump steered clear of the Alabama Senate race for many weeks, but recently held a thinly-disguised rally for Moore in nearby Pensacola, Florida. He also recorded a robocall supporting the embattled candidate.

Many power Republicans, such as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), originally said Moore should step aside after the many allegations against him surfaced. Many of those same Republicans have now started to walk back those claims, and the GOP is once again funding the Moore campaign.

Hopefully the citizens of Alabama make the right decision on December 12.

Featured image via Flickr user Medill DC / CC BY 2.0.

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