While the world may be finally changing for the better…. and the people in it may have become more accepting… there are still a few things that you shouldn’t ask or say to someone who is gay, transgender, bisexual or questioning. You would never meet someone is black and proceed to tell them that you have another black friend who you think would be a perfect match for them because well he’s black…. so why do people say this stuff to gay people all the time? Why is everyone so fascinated about if it hurts to take it in the ass!? Here are some questions you should probably just keep to yourself!

6I Have a Gay Friend! Do You Want to go on a Date with Him?!

Listen it’s great and all to know that you have a gay friend… but I don’t want to be set up with them. Would you ever go up to a black person that you just met…. and tell them that you have a black friend…. and If that statement wasn’t bad enough… would you then proceed to try and set this person up with your black friend…. because since they’re both black they must be attracted to each other…right? Wrong, just because two people are gay.. does not mean that they are destined for each other. First off I have boyfriend so it’s pretty annoying meeting someone for the first time, and they proceed to try and set me up on a date with their gay friend before even asking me if i’m single. Secondly if I was single… I could find my own date; thank you very much and I certainly wouldn’t find my date from a perfect stranger! I understand that you are trying to be friendly; but seriously think about what you are saying before you word vomit. It’s offensive, plain and simple… seriously people just think before you fucking speak!



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