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Affordable Fashion Trends That Look Like You Spent a Fortune

Recently i’ve been over shopping, like shopping till my eyes bleed. I just can’t stop, I find something online I want, and I get it. This years fashion trends are amazing, and simply eye orgasmic. The first website that I came across this summer that I instantly fell in love with was SheIn seriously has everything you could ever want from a fashion designer. You want skirts, bags, shoes or necklaces well they got it for you and its all at a cheap price!

Navy Long Sleeve Vintage Embroidered Dress Navy Long Sleeve Vintage Embroidered Dress

My first purchase from SheIn was this amazing Navy Long Sleeve Vintage Dress that I had bought for my sister but ultimately ended up keeping for myself! It’s actually reminds me of a dress Heather Dubrow wore last season which is why I had purchased it to begin with!

White Sleeveless Pearls Embellished Floral Print Dress White Sleeveless Pearls Embellished Floral Print Dress

This White Sleeveless Pearl Floral Dress again is from SheIn, and instantly I fell in love with it. Not only does it have the summer floral design trend but it also is so surprisingly comfortable to just lounge around in. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a dress when you can get this gorgeous one for under 100!

Purple Platform With Zipper Back High Heeled Sandals Purple Platform With Zipper Back High Heeled Sandals

These shoes are to die for, seriously I just ran to do the door to catch the UPS man and I fell down the stairs, alright so maybe I didn’t try to do for these shoes but hey it could have happen! I didn’t have my “Help I’ve fallen and I can’t Get Up,” device on me so I most certainly would have been screwed. Oh yeah on to the shoes, I ran well fell down the stairs so I could catch the UPS man who was delivering these shoes. There simply amazing, so amazing I put them on and ran right upstairs to look in the mirror. For some reason these heels seem to work a lot better than my socks because I didn’t fall down this time!

Onto our final Fashion Item of the week, this I have to warn you about first. I may or may not have a weird obsession with pussy… oh don’t… dirty mind… I mean pussy cats. I love cats, and if I wasn’t allergic to them I would probably have a few hundred. Yes im that sad lady who wishes she can have cats but actually can’t or maybe im just that crazy cat lady minus the cats… you be the judge.

Black Sleeveless Cats Print Tank Dress Black Sleeveless Cats Print Tank Dress

Someone please tell me they love this cat dress just as much as me! Thats it for today, check in next time for our top fashion trends! Email us at for any apparel or accessory suggestions! This is FashionMonster signing out!

Written by April Hunter

April Hunter

April Hunter is an upcoming fashion designer at FIT. She loves Fashion, exploring the city and the smell of lavender.

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