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Alec Baldwin’s President Trump Takes Federal Judges to ‘People’s Court’ on SNL (Video)

Last night Alec Baldwin finally made his triumphal return as Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live. Alec Baldwin, a 17-time SNL host, returned as President Trump and took federal judges to ‘People’s Court,‘ in a hilarious skit that may have even outshone Melissa McCarthy’s return as Sean Spicer.

Alec Baldwin, as President Trump, appeared on an episode of Peoples Court during which he filed a case against the same judges who opposed his widely hated travel ban, Baldwin was hilariously asking for “broad, unchecked power”

When addressing his executive order that ordered a travel ban, and what many call a muslim ban, Baldwin as Trump revealed that while he may have signed the order – he didn’t actually read it. 

“Thank you, Judge, or what do you call a lady judge? A flight attendant? Something like that?” Trump asked. “I signed a tremendous travel ban. I didn’t read it. But I signed it. People took pictures of me in my office. These judges have been very disrespectful. I’m right. they’re wrong. I want the ban lifted. Also I want $725.”

When Alec Baldwin as President Trump was asked about the reason for his travel ban.

“It is so simple,” Trump explained. “The bad people are pouring in. And you see them, and it’s ISIS, San Bernardino, Chicago, I mean, look at Chicago. The bailiff knows what I’m talking about. Am I right?”

Trump ruthlessly continued, “you know, my man, you know — bad hombres, bad boys — I mean, these bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do? what you gonna do?.” Trump finished, quoting from the TV crime show, “Cops” theme song.

Written by Riot Housewives

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