Australian Zoo Guests Fooled By Two Men In Gorilla Suits

This has to be one of the funniest video’s I have seen in a long time, and also further proves why Australia is one of the coolest countries in the world (Wentworth and Orphan Black!) After searching the web this morning for the funniest video I could find, I came across this video above of two comedians who dress up as Gorillas in a Australian Zoo to try and mess/fool the minds of the current guests.

The crowd is under the impression that these two Gorillas are brand new to the zoo, which well is sort of true! At first they truly are acting like real Gorillas however shortly into their game of fuck with the Zoo Guests, the “Gorilla’s” start playing frisbee together which for some reason doesn’t seem to startle the people watching. Their behavior gets even more weird as these two comedians try to see just how far they can go before getting caught! Let us know what you guys think about this video in the comment section below.

Written by April Hunter

April Hunter

April Hunter is an upcoming fashion designer at FIT. She loves Fashion, exploring the city and the smell of lavender.

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