Basketball Wives LA Mehgan James Calls Patrice a Lying Bitch

You can’t get any tougher than Bad Girls Club alumni and current star of Basketball Wives LA Mehgan James. This Bad Girl is the newest cast member of Basketball Wives LA and already she has brought some new drama the show desperately needed. If you’re unfamiliar with Mehgan James, she rose to fame as the Texas Temptation on season 9 of Bad Girls Club, a reality show that puts a bunch of “Bad Girls” in a house and tapes them fight each other….seriously legit battles.

Mehgan James rose to fame on this show due to her bitchy yet honest attitude and her well amazing ability to beat a bitch down. If you dont believe me watch the clip above and see just why Mehgan James became one of the baddest bitches of all time.

VH1 has just released a sneak peek into tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives LA, this clip features Mehgan revealing that she hates lying bitches, which we soon learn is directed completely at Patrice after Draya and Shaunie ask Mehgan if she is referring to a specific person. This of course pisses Patrice off, but Mehgan James being the bad girl that she is just won’t back down! Mehgan is one bitch I certainly do not want to fuck with.

Basketball Wives LA, is on Sunday nights at 9/8c exclusively on VH1. Let us know what you guys think about Mehgan James in our comment section below.

Written by April Hunter

April Hunter

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