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Bernie Sanders: Donald Trump is a ‘pathological liar’

Bernie Sanders: Donald Trump is a ‘pathological liar’

Bernie Sanders has had enough with the President of the United States – so much in fact that he has been attacking Trump on Twitter (of all places) over the past few days to express his grievances… along with the rest of the country.

“In Trump’s view people should ignore all the news except what comes directly from him. That is what totalitarianism is all about. Good thing we have Donald Trump, a pathological liar, to tell us the ‘truth,'” Bernie Sanders wrote in what would become a series of tweets about the President of the United States.

Bernie Sanders tweets were responding to The President’s earlier press conference where Donald Trump called the country of Russia “fake news”, as well as a tweet the president had sent out prior – attacking the media for putting out “fake news.”

President Trump took his feud with the news media on the campaign trail on Saturday evening when he vowed to thousands of supporters in Melbourne, Fla., to not let media “get away with” lying.

While Trump is continuing to create a stir in the news for his lack of support from the people – Sanders has seen his popularity grow quite rapidly.

Sanders later took to his Twitter account to express his grievances with the federal government due to the fact that millions of American’s are working full time and yet are still in poverty.


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