Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel just might have opened herself a bag of cats. Earlier this week Bethenny took to her twitter account to express her frustrations after returning home from an unpleasant experience at Kmart.

Bethenny revealed that she had gone to K-Mart in order to find a pair of winter shoes for her daughter Bryn. Frankel was clearly unimpressed with the employees at Kmart as she revealed in her twitter rant that while their was 2 registers open, with five employees in total, the two she had approached could not speak a word of English.

Bethenny continues to spark controversy in her twitter rant when she mistakenly thought that the spanish word for shoes… was spats. Maybe with ear muffs on Zapatos could sound like spats?

Fans of the RHONY star were clearly outraged by Frankel’s rant, and even went as far as to call the Skinny Girl Empress racist. However Bethenny is sticking by her rant, and even explained earlier today that their is no excuse for an employee at a retailer to not be able to communicate with the customer.

Bethenny continued that it had nothing to do with race. However in an obvious effort to do damage control Bethenny explained that it was heart breaking for her earlier today when she saw an elderly man limping with his groceries… and she of course helped him out.



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  1. I’ve supported Bethenny again and again. On other sites (Are there any?? *wink*), in discussions, wherever. I’ve seen her called “Bones,” “Barfenny,” and all manner of inappropriate names by (undoubtedly jealous) haters related to her svelte figure. I *LOVE* her brash, no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners, “I have no time for this crap!” attitude that shows female viewers that we don’t have to be the docile little Antebellum lambs that The Countess is always trying to make it seem like we should be.

    Annnnd…then this.

    I’m going to skip over the whole, “Wait…Bethenny shops at K-MART?!” schtick, because I actually think that’s a really good way to not waste money on shoes and clothes that little kids are just going to outgrow in 2.5 seconds, anyway. You know what they say, “You don’t stay rich by spending money,” and all, so K-Mart isn’t a big shocker.

    What nauseates me is that I’m about to quote Paul Ryan, the Republican Speaker of the House: to say someone’s heritage/nationality precludes them from doing their job “is the textbook definition of racism.”

    If we can say it of Donald Trump, Bethenny Frankel does NOT get a pass, I’m afraid. Sorry Skinny Girl.

    (I still love your bottled Piña Colada, though! *sigh* I’ll just have to mix it with my briny, briny tears of betrayal next time…)


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