The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Drunk costar Brandi Glanville threw some shade towards Lisa Vanderpump during her most recent Podcast with former Vanderpump Rules villain Stassi Schroeder. If you remember Stassi was fired from SUR and the reality TV show according to an interview TMZ has with Lisa Vanderpump.

When Stassi was on Brandi Glanville Unfiltered last week she opened up about how the entire cast of Vanderpump Rules is addicted to adderal. She claims that she was addicted to until she left the restaurant and is now sober!

Brandi throws some much needed shade at Lisa Vanderpump for telling TMZ that she fired Stassi when Brandi claims thats just not the case!

“We all know it’s not just one person who can fire you – it’s a team of people who make that decision, or else Kristen would have been gone a long time ago! I remember Lisa saying to me how much she hated her, and I was like she’s good TV!”


When talking about Lisa Rinna and the drama her and Brandi had during filming RHOBH, Brandi claims that Rinna was given a Golden Pass, however one day she will have her downfall! Ouch!

“Lisa Rinna got a golden pass. She could say whatever she wanted and everyone loved her – even though half the s**t she said was horrible! But I’m telling you – she’ll have her moment.”

Brandi Glanville just might be pissed about the rumors shes getting fired! And to make matters worse during last month’s NBC Upfront show, Lisa Rinna was one of three women from the cast of RHOBH who were asked to represent the next season of the show. Brandi Glanville, of course was not asked and neither was her BFF Kim Richards!


What do you guys think about Brandi Glanville throwing some shade!?

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  1. She says “we all know it’s not just one person who can fire you?” In what world does she live in…she is so stupid. In most cases it only takes one person to fire someone. Lisa has the power to do it without her business partners approval…they would back her anyway. Besides…Lisa didn’t fire her from the show she fired her from the restaurant – which she has all of the power and authority to do….Brandi is just so dumb—I wonder if she pays for her own air time — otherwise she couldn’t possible be on the air for any other reason.


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