BREAKING: Famous Rapper Arrested Trying To Enter His Own Home


BREAKING: Famous Rapper Arrested Trying To Enter His Own Home

Yet another black man was arrested after he tried to enter his own home — and this time, it was someone famous enough that there was no excuse for it even in the worst person’s imagination.

Rapper T.I. was just trying to go home after a night at the studio, but when he attempted to enter the gated community in which he lives at about 4 a.m. Wednesday, he realized he forgot his key. He says he found the guard asleep on the job, which led to an argument.

The rapper, whose real name is Clifford Harris, eventually called a friend for help and the two of them sparred verbally with the guard like anyone would do if they were barred entry to their own home. The guard called the police.

The cops responded not by verifying his identity and helping him get home, but instead by arresting him for disorderly conduct, simple assault, and public intoxication. His friend was also arrested because he had an outstanding warrant.

T.I. says that while it was a “very heated debate,” it never escalated to violence. He blames the arrest on “white cops in a very white area.” He says he gave the guard, whom he characterizes as the aggressor, every opportunity to apologize but the guard refused both an apology and entry even after the rapper’s wife confirmed that he should be “let in immediately.”

Now, it’s easy to blame Harris for being drunk — and that might be legitimate if he was at a Walmart — but he was trying to go home like countless people do after a night on the town on a regular basis.

It’s also important to note that he was not charged with battery, so his claim that no violence occurred seems to be true. “Simple assault” covers a wide range of “offenses,” including a simple argument if someone — like a security guard asleep in the guard shack who desperately needs to save his job — claims they felt threatened.

Harris says that once the truth comes out, the charges will be dropped and that he is planning legal action against his homeowner’s association.

T.I. spent the day after he was bailed out celebrating his son’s 10th birthday.


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