Brock Lesnar’s HUGE New WWE Contract Revealed


Brock Lesnar’s HUGE New WWE Contract Revealed


  1. His contract is retarded. My man hardly shows up but he gets 500k?! The only reason he sells out is because a. He hardly shows up so people want to see him 2. He’s well known so when he does show up people will come 3. He’s been built up that he’s just this incredible beast which he is I don’t hate lesnar but tbh that’s just unfair to the people who wrestle every night and could never even dream of such a contract deal

  2. Part timers as champions by themselves are ok I liked the rocks and Goldbergs title regins but for an entire year? Unacceptable if he's not going to show up on raw then he should show up to every single raw pay per view when he's the champion

  3. Seeing so many Brock haters. I could care less how much they give him or not. Brock’s gone, I’m gone. He’s only reason I came back in 2002, then after he left ufc in 2012.

  4. I don't mind the idea of a universal champion that only rocks up once in a blue moon, like the hardest boss fight at the end of a game (tekken, street fighter etc) but when they wrestle, they have to WRESTLE, not just do 3 moves over and over.

    Give me Brock vs Kurt Angle quality or hand the belt to the Undertaker or Triple H.

    I want that belt to feel like you climbed to the top of mount Olympus only to find the god of war waiting for you there.

    Give us

  5. Having Lesnar in WWE on a limited role is great for business. Having him as one of your champions in a limited role is horrible for business. Here's hoping they go ahead and give Reigns the belt (even though it should have happened at Mania) and we can all get back to enjoying Lesnar appearances again…especially if he can start actually WRESTLING again and not just suplex guys 15 times and then F-5 them to the predictable finish.

  6. Shack him and shack him quick! He’s going to take this company for everything he can get and we will get nothing in return. He never was and never will be stone cold no matter how much you pay him!

  7. This just makes me dislike having the title on Brock more. If a part timer is being paid that much to only show up 2-4 times a year to wrestle and defend the title then it should be on a full timer who defends in at every ppv like the title should be. Put the belt on Roman, nobody wants it but it’s better than Brock.

  8. This is why Brock Lesnar is the man!!! Very smart booking because NO ONE on Raw has the popularity or the draw like Lesnar, until someone steps up, keep the belt on Lesnar. These part time appearances make it special not for just Brock, but for the Universal Title. Goldberg and Lesnar basically made the title relevant. If Lesnar were to be there every week, people would be sick and tired of seeing him. This is why Vince is a Billionaire promoter and you all are nothing but critics.

  9. $100k for a raw / smackdown appearance ? $500k for a pay for view ? Cripes- what a greedy bastard Brock is. No wonder WWE rarely has him on. They'd go bankrupt if he was a regular.

  10. Once upon a time, the champions didn't show up every week cause it made them feel special. Now every week the fans cry when he's not there. My how times have changed.


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