Chelsea Handler Bashes Heather McDonald

Late last week former Chelsea Lately writer Heather McDonald made controversial comments about her former boss Chelsea Handler when Heather appeared on the Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss Podcast. Heather called Handler the boss from hell as she revealed that herself and the rest of the Chelsea Lately cast where constantly living in fear.

When Chelsea Handler decided not to renew her contract with E! Heather claims that there friendship soon ended. Heather revealed that Handler didn’t tell any staff members on the show that she was leaving, and this of course caused some ill-hearted feelings.

Heather claimed that Handler “makes you feel special until your not” and further criticized Chelsea’s ability to have relationships with others. Shortly after Heather made her comments, Chelsea Handler appeared on SiriusXM Radio with Jenny McCarthy. 

Chelsea Handler claims that she was forced to end her friendship with Heather, due to McDonalds desire for fame. Handler explained that Heather had tried to exchanged stories about her boss with US Weekly in an attempt to have her photo’s run on the news website.

Instead of firing Heather…. Chelsea simply distanced herself from the comedian. Chelsea doesn’t understand why Heather is complaining about not being told about her career choices since Heather clearly couldn’t be trusted.

Chelsea ended her discussion about Heather by explaining that Heather would never have said anything bad to her face because she’s scared of Handler…. and well now Heather has a reason to be! We will keep you up to date about the Chelsea Lately drama as more news comes out about the feud!

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