Chelsea Handler Claims Justin Bieber Was Her Worst Guest to Interview

While Chelsea Handler is currently involved in a feud with Heather McDonald, who claimed the Late Night host dropped her as a friend for no reason, she also is on a publicity tour to promote her new docu-series called Chelsea Does. After watching the Chelsea Does Drug part of her documentary series last night, I have instantly been hooked on the entire docu-series.

While on her current publicity tour, Chelsea Handler was asked who her worst guest was while she was doing her late night talk show Chelsea Lately. While at first Chelsea laughed off the question and was unsure on how to answer it, Chelsea shocked viewers when she revealed that Justin Bieber was probably the worst celebrity she had to interview.

Chelsea Handler reveals that Justin was trying to flirt with her the entire duration of their interview… and well it just made her uncomfortable. Handler is under the impression that just might be Justin’s “shtick” and reveals that he would flirt with you…. which just made her feel like a child molester!

When asked if it really is Justin Bieber’s “shtick” or rather he was actually attracted to Handler, she reveals that she felt like he did it with everyone. Chelsea laugh’s off the fact that the interviewer thought that Justin might be in love with her, and reveals that Bieber did not ask her for her phone number following the interview!

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