Countess LuAnn Calls Ramona Out for Breaking Girl Code

Countess LuAnn took to her Bravo TV blog earlier in the week to discuss the most recent episode of the Real Housewives of New York City. LuAnn commented on numerous things including Heather’s apology to Sonja, Bethenny coming off to harsh at time, and her decision to apologize to Sonja Morgan.

The Countess begins her blog by discussing Heather Thomson’s decision to apologize to Sonja Morgan. LuAnn comments that she was glad by Heather’s choice because Heather much like Bethenny Frankel comes off as way to harsh and opinionated at times.

I was glad to see Heather apologize to Sonja. Heather, like Bethenny, can come off as too opinionated and harsh at times, and she had no right to judge Sonja. As you can see in this episode, we all enjoy our cocktails while on vacation, and if there is a time and a place for partying, Turks and Caicos is it!

The Countess next went into discussing how Ramona Singer seemed to not only steal the spotlight from the other ladies but how she also gave them the cold shoulder when flirting with the bar’s owner. LuAnn calls Ramona out for breaking “Girl Code” the night in question.

She was Ra-mingling that night and she gave us the cold shoulder. She totally froze us out and completely broke the “Girl Code.”

Next Luann discusses how the ladies seemed to put Ramona in the hot seat immediately after Sonja and Ramona left the beach to meet the ladies for lunch. She reveals that when Ramona is cornered she tends to attack the people cornering her instead of listening to what people are saying. She comments on how quickly Ramona apologized, and revealed that they didnt let her off easily because they froze her out the entire rest of the day.

Once Sonja and Ramona came in from the beach for lunch, the girls put Ramona in the hot seat almost immediately. When Ramona’s cornered, she strikes outward rather than looking inward, and her calling out Carole for being so judgmental while Carole’s sleeping with a 20-something wasn’t surprising. Ramona did apologize fairly quickly to keep the peace, but we made her suffer by freezing her out that entire day.

When discussing her decision to apologize to Sonja Morgan for judging her “too quickly,” LuAnn reveals that she doesn’t want to bring Sonja down and that she wants to see Sonja not only success but be able to “Dance on her own table and enjoy life.”

I decided to apologize to Sonja for judging her too harshly and to let her know that I want her to triumph. I want to see Sonja dance on her own table and enjoy her life.

What do you guys think of LuAnn’s blog this week? Are you looking forward to tomorrow nights episode?

Written by Rebecca Williams

Rebecca Williams

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