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Why Daenerys Will Win The Game Of Thrones

Why Daenerys Will Win The Game Of Thrones


She is young, beautiful, a civil rights activist, hates the status quo, commands a massive army, keeps mythical fire-breathing beasts for pets, has great hair, and is not above eating a horse heart. Tell us that doesn’t sound like a ruler you’d like to bend the knee to? A lot of wannabe kings and queens have made sham claims on the Iron Throne of Westeros, most of whom are long gone or just waiting in line to get choked out, poisoned, sliced, diced, Mountained, or murdered in their homes by shadow baby assassins. But there is one lady in waiting that outshines all the rest and is a safe place to hedge your bets that, when all is said and done, and Winter has come and gone, she will be crowned victorious.

Of course, winning the Game of Thrones isn’t just about sitting on a spiky seat. It is about dominating the entire realm and all of its inhabitants – and making them like it. Which makes Daenerys Targaryen the perfect candidate for the job. Sure, there are plenty of reasons why Kahleesi shouldn’t win the Iron Throne, but let’s be honest, those all look pretty insignificant when put beside three dragons and an entire army of eunuchs. Shall we begin?

Here are the 15 Reasons Daenerys Will Win The Game Of Thrones.

15. She Might Be the Promised Prince (or Princess)

15. Azor Ahai jpg 15 Reasons Daenerys Will Win The Game Of Thrones

Thanks to a grammar lesson from translator extraordinaire Missandei, we now know there’s more to the myth of The Prince That Was Promised than meets the eye. Bleeding comets, dragons, salt, smoke and flaming weaponry, Daenerys definitely has shown signs of being Azor Ahai reborn. Sure, so has Jon Snow, Jamie Lannister, Beric Dondarrion, Sam Tarly, and Hot Pie, along with a whole lot of others, but few fit the bill better. Of course, there’s no reason why the promised one can’t be two, or even three heads of the same dragon, but at the moment, Dany is definitely in the lead.

For those not familiar with their Game of Thrones lore, the legend of The Prince That Was Promised is one of several closely related tales about a legendary hero that will save the world from darkness. In the version associated with Azor Ahai, a great figure who some eight thousand years prior forged a sword of fire (whose name is Lightbringer) by stabbing it through his wife’s heart to help defeat the White Walkers and restore peace to the realm, so that one day Sean Bean could have his head chopped off. Since then, worshippers of the Lord of Light have prophesied Azor’s return to repeat the feat in preventing the zombie apocalypse. If Daenerys is truly going to win the Game of Thrones, then she will need to conquer the White Walkers, and right now, the prophesies appear to be on her side, which would make her brother Rhaegar very proud.

14. She Has Literally Walked Through Fire (Twice)

daenerys khaleesi fire dosh kaleen 15 Reasons Daenerys Will Win The Game Of Thrones

Call it fate, God, the Lord of Light, George R. R. Martin – take your pick – somebody wants Daenerys Targaryen around till the end of Game of Thrones. After all, there have been no shortage of opportunities to knock her off or hardships to keep her from getting there. But every time Dany gets burned, she walks out unscathed, often naked, stronger and wiser then ever before. That’s because rulers aren’t born, they are forged.

When during season 6 the dosh khaleen plan on making Daenerys their eternal prisoner, she walks out scorch-free as her would-be overlords have their faces melted off, and she takes their place as the commander of the Dothraki. (They don’t call her “the Unburnt” for no reason.) This mirrors the finale of season 1, when she steps into the flaming funeral pyre of Khal Drogo and comes out sans clothes with three newly hatched dragon pups. While GRRM has stated she is not immune to fire (at least in the books), Dany’s resistance to getting burned alive is just one of the many signs that this Kahleesi is unstoppable, and shows if nothing else, her talent for survival suggests a larger purpose.

13. She is Benevolent

daenerys khaleesi meereen people 15 Reasons Daenerys Will Win The Game Of Thrones

If there is one thing the characters of Game of Thrones can never be accused of, it is being good. But just like her infamous brother (the one that wasn’t a dick), Daenerys is not your typical Targaryen. She is fair, just and compassionate. After all, you don’t lock up your awesome dragons if you could care less about the sanctity of life.

Her moral compass may run askew occasionally, and oftentimes conveniently align with her actions to veil vengeance as charity, but she cannot be called inherently malevolent. If she acts harshly, it is never done lightly, and always in response to an inhumanity committed against either herself or her people. Daenerys may have stumbled in her ruling over Meereen and not always known the best way to do so, but her heart is primarily in the right place, and she is a staunch protector of the weak. All traits that will easily find support in obtaining the crown.

Written by Chris Parker

Chris Parker

Saying that Chris Parker is a cinematic freak would be an understatement. When he isn't paving his way into the movie industry; Parker enjoys looking at pictures of baby tigers.... and writing of course.

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