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Why Daenerys Will Win The Game Of Thrones

8. She Has Ships (Hopefully)

Greyjoy Ships Kings Landing Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer 15 Reasons Daenerys Will Win The Game Of Thrones

Armies are only as good their ability to mobilize. Luckily, Daenerys has a fleet to match her army thanks to the Greyjoys and the remaining boats from Slavers Bay. Or at least she did, until Ramsay Bolton 2.0 aka Euron Greyjoy sunk her battleships. Best guesses had their numbers in the range of 500, but given recent events, who knows now. Though that doesn’t mean Khaleesi’s navy is completely adrift.

For starters, she still had enough of a navy to take on Casterly Rock, so maybe there are still more in the reserves. Secondly, the 100 warships the Ironborn brought to the table were pretty cool, but you know what is even better than 100 ships? 200 ships. That’s the estimated total currently commanded by House Redwyne. These Lords of the Arbor have yet to play a major role in the series, but those familiar with George R.R. Martin’s books know the grape flagged merchants own the largest armada in the world. And although Queen Olenna may have been the head of House Tyrell by marriage, she was born as a Redwyne. Should her family come into the fray to avenge her, Daenerys’ battalion may resurface stronger than ever.

7. She is Open Minded

Daenerys Targaryen Jorah Mormont and dragons in Game of Thrones wallpaper 15 Reasons Daenerys Will Win The Game Of Thrones

The mark of a good king or queen is their willingness to listen to others. Which is exactly why Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen have lasted so long, while the Rob Starks and Viserys of the world are long gone. As the headless body of Mossador proves, this doesn’t mean Dany is easily persuaded, it simply means that she is open minded and not above learning a thing or two from the places she burns and people she crucifies. Also, that she would rather break the wheel, than merely become a prong within it. Traits usually lacking in most leaders.

Take Cersei, for example. When you refuse to believe anything outside your immediate circle – which primarily consists of a giant mute zombie and a creepy alchemist – the odds of being successful are not in your favor. Daenerys, on the other hand, would surprise no one if she ultimately decided to put aside disbelief and take up arms against the White Walkers. That’s because she sees the big picture. Not to mention that once you’ve hatched dragons with your bare hands, you’ll believe anything is possible. Narrow mindedness gets your pregnant wife stabbed during a wedding. Open mindedness gets you a long lasting seat on the Iron Throne, and some pretty sweet dragons.

Written by Chris Parker

Chris Parker

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