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Why Daenerys Will Win The Game Of Thrones

6. She Has the Largest (Living) Army in the World

Daenerys sailing for Westeros in Game of Thrones 15 Reasons Daenerys Will Win The Game Of Thrones

All this talk of birthrights, having a good heart, and walking through fire is good and all, but when it comes to brass tax, winning is a numbers game. Mashable has a helpful infographic that puts things into perspective, showing that of all the standing armies running around Westeros, the one led by Daenerys is by far the strongest. The totals work out to around 60,000 Dothraki, 8,000 Unsullied, and 3 dragons. (Some even say the Dothraki reach 100,000.) In second and third place are the slightly smaller yet less no impressive fleets of the Tyrells (though they may have been completely wiped out, we’re not entirely sure) and Martells, both of whom you might recall, have sided with Khaleesi. Add in what’s left of the Ironborn, and a couple thousand Second Sons in the reserves, and Dany’s army is awe-inspiringly massive. The Lannisters, on the other hand, have around 30,000 fighters by best estimates, and the North some 10,000, though there’s a good chance the latter will end up fighting by her side too. Like we said, digits don’t lie.

Of course, if we’re talking solely in numbers, the White Walkers have the clear advantage with infinity. But when your potentially greatest weakness (i.e. dragons) is your opponent’s greatest strength (i.e. dragons), your army of undead don’t look so hot cold anymore. That is unless they aren’t affected by their fire and somehow manage to zombify the dragons, in which case – RUN!

5. She Has the Most Well Rounded Army in the World

daenerys targaryen unsullied army 15 Reasons Daenerys Will Win The Game Of Thrones

Given the events of Season 7’s first couple of episodes, Daenerys may not have the same army she did when first arriving on the shores of Dragonstone. But still, what she has got is a tour de force of awesome. No matter how bad things may seem at the moment, remember that the night is always darkest right before a dragon burns all your enemies to death.

Even discounting the three large Charizards flying about, the battalion Khaleesi has unleashed is unlike any other the armies of Westeros have ever seen. Each of the highly trained Unsullied might as well count as 10 warriors in one, minus their baby makers. The sight of a horse ridden horde of Dothraki with their feral screams and massive chesticles is enough to make the most steadfast of soldiers pee their codpieces. Add into the mix the well-established Westerosi armies of whatever remains of the Martells and Tyrells, the behind-the-scenes meddling of Varys and his ring of spies, the remnants of the seafaring Ironborn, the potential sorcery of the Red Woman, and the stratagem of the Little Lion, and you have a group of fighters both experienced and unpredictable, able to pounce from the air, ground, sea, shadows, and whatever other realms the war wages on.

Written by Chris Parker

Chris Parker

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