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Why Daenerys Will Win The Game Of Thrones

4. She Has a Varys

Varys and Dany 15 Reasons Daenerys Will Win The Game Of Thrones

It’s always the quiet ones that look like Uncle Fester that you have to watch out for. Not just because they are super weird, but because they usually have a lot more going on than you might suspect. Which is why it is a very good thing that Varys has spidered his way into Dany’s war council. What’s more, it looks like she has finally spun from him what no other previous ruler could – his respect, loyalty, and honesty. Now if he will just come clean about being a merman.

Aqua monsters aside, another way of looking at things is that the Game of Thrones is essentially a chess game between Littlefinger and Varys. Both were on similar footing when the game began, but while Petyr Baelish seems to have had the greater victories, Varys has been silently killing it from behind the scenes. Basically, Varys is Littlefinger on spy steroids. More telling is that, unlike the former, Varys is not power hungry and acting out of selfishness; rather, he does what he does for the benefit of the entire realm. While it appears tragic things may lie ahead for Varys, having him put all his chips on whispering in Daenerys’ ear pretty much says it all.

3. Jorah Mormont

Dany Banishes Jorah Mormont 15 Reasons Daenerys Will Win The Game Of Thrones

It was pretty easy to count out Daenerys’ trusted aid turned undercover spy turned repentant reptile. After all, greyscale is pretty much a death sentence. But thanks to a devil may care medical procedure by Sam Tarly to save his life, it seems this former resident of Bear Island still has a big part to play in the action ahead. Considering that he is not only loyal to Daenerys, but in love with her, that can only mean good things for the Dragon Princess. Why else would we still be talking about this scarred and disgraced member of House Mormont?

Some have gone so far as to predict that Jorah is The Prince That Was Promised. Even if that theory doesn’t prove true, there is more than a good chance that this able warrior will help swing things in Dany’s favor, or at the very least sacrifice himself to save her/ensure she reaches the Iron Throne. And don’t forget that Jorah the Andal was once a Lord in the North. Granted, an exiled one who fled to Essos for fear of having his removed by Ned Stark, but if he can gain favor with his former people once more, then he can definitely help bolster more support for Miss Stormborn.

Written by Chris Parker

Chris Parker

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