Dorinda Medley Spills Details on Scary Island 2, and Her Drinking

On last weeks Real Housewives of New York City, to say Dorinda Medley was drunk would be an understatement. Dinner turned into a nightmare when the ladies battled over…cursing. The irony is that all of the ladies have been guilty of cursing for well dumb reasons. Dorinda Medley is taking to her Bravo TV blog this week to discuss what exactly went down on what she calls “Scary Island 2.”

Dorinda begins her blog by claiming that calling this episode Scary Island 2 doesn’t even begin to describe the drama that went down, she compares it more to Purgatory than scary. Dorinda claims that she was exhausted to begin with that day because she isn’t use to being around so many women at the same time. She also goes into describing that when Mama Bear doesn’t sleep…well anything can happen.

Scary Island 2.0 doesn’t even begin to describe it…Seriously, it feels more like Purgatory as the days go on. I’m beyond exhausted and simply not used to being with so many women all the time. Listen, I’m a creature of habit and when my routine is thrown off (like missing my daily nap), I definitely get a little tired and short-fused. So yes…I overreacted at Fire and Ice, so let’s put it behind us.

Dorinda Medley next does into discussing that she did indeed drink to much….well duh. She also blames it on the fact that she was mentally and physically exhausted. Dorinda explains that well they were on vacation and therefore yes she drank to much like most people do on vacation. Medley admits that her scuffle with Heather Thomson was really over something ridiculous and stupid. Dorinda’s moral of the story? Sleep more drink less!

Yes, I did drink a little TOO much, and not that I want to excuse it, but I will say this: I was exhausted, physically and mentally, and quite frankly, ready to go home. I am feeling like if one more topic is belabored and over-discussed, I was going to go all Patty Hearst on everyone. Listen, we were all on vacation, and every once in a while, you get a little tipsy on vacation. It’s not like we broke new ground here, people. I don’t think it merits the full-fledged onslaught, did it? Heather and I got into it over a silly topic that got blown out of proportion, and then it was over—or I tried to just get out of the way and end it. That’s that. As you’ll see, it all moves forward and the story continues…Sigh. Moral of the story: I need to take my daily nap and make the martinis much dirtier… (For those who don’t understand that, it means more olive juice, less vodka.)

Finally Dorinda ends her blog by going into how Kristen is desperate for attention something I think everyone watching the show has realized by now. She calls Kristen out for suggesting that Dorinda was on something that made her loopy, claiming that the only reason that she said that was because she wants to be relevant. Dorinda also calls Kristen out for the fact that she had been pissed last year when people had made their own assumptions about her marriage and her life however their is no need for history to repeat it self. Seriously how can Kristen bitch about the same thing she is doing this year!

I know Kristen likes to suggests it could’ve been something else that made me a bit loopy, but I just think it’s just her cry for attention. Surprisingly, she hated it last year when people made assumptions about her life and her marriage. No need for some history to repeat, I think. Listen, this was the first time I’d been away in this kind of environment with a bunch of high rollers like these girls. It’s like going to Vegas with the Rat Pack but with bad music and a five-drink minimum. By the fourth night, I was over it. Believe me, it gets better and better, and at the end of the day, we all do like—if not love—each other, and these blips are just some of the trappings of good ol’ Houswifery.



What do you guys think of Dorinda Medley’s blog this week? Do you agree with her or not?

Written by April Hunter

April Hunter

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