Beverly Hills Erika Girardi and Kathryn Edwards Battle It Out!

The beginning of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season six was rather lackluster and boring. However now that we are halfway in; the two new housewives having been starting up a lot of drama. Erika Girardi and Kathryn Edwards made their debut’s on Reality TV during the sixth season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Since arriving on the scene these ladies have begun to feel more comfortable… which has allowed them to finally let their claws out!

During tomorrow night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Erika Jayne and Kathryn Edwards battle it out over what words are acceptable and what words are not. The ladies are all dressed up at an event and for once actually getting along. That is until of course newcomer Kathryn Edwards and Erika Girardi begin to get down and dirty.

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Kathryn Edwards explains to Erika Girardi that as woman they need to not only be guarded when it comes to their men… but also on there feet. Erika agrees with Kathryn that as woman they have it tougher than the men do when it comes to relationships. Kathryn continues that when your to nice of a woman you get taken advantage of, and Erika agrees that it makes you look weak.

“When your too mean than you are a c***,” Erika Girardi explains to Kathryn Edwards. Surprisingly Kathryn is instantly offended and tells Erika to please not use the C word because she absolutely hates it. Erika questions why Kathryn hates the word so much, and Edwards explains that she thinks its a disgusting word to use.

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In her confessional interview Kathryn Edwards explains that to her the C word is the most degrading thing that you can call someone else. Edwards tells Erika not to use that word anymore around her because it’s just such a dirty word. “You don’t talk like that,” Kathryn tells Erika.

Erika however tells Kathryn that she actually does kind of “talk like that.” Kathryn insists that Erika doesn’t talk like that, while Erika tells Kathryn that she will refrain from using the C word in Kathryn’s presence. Kathryn tells Erika Jayne that she is to beautiful to use just a disgusting word, however in her confessional interview Erika doesn’t seem to be on the same page.

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“She is trying to correct me, and first of all I don’t care. Number two… I am still going to use to word C*** every F***ing time that I can say it.”

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