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Erika Girardi Opens Up About Her Dog, Tiago

Erika Girardi Opens Up About Her Dog, Tiago


RHOBH star Erika Girardi is opening up about her dog, a 5-year-old Duth Shepherd named, Tiago and how close she is with her pooch.

“I got him as an adult as I do all my dogs,” Erika tells Bravo. “I’m really fond of males, and I bought him from an incredible trainer. His name is Mike Ritland, and he owns Trikos International, and Mike is a former U.S. Navy SEAL, and he sells really incredibly high-quality working dogs. And that’s what this is, even though he looks more like a spoiled brat right now.”

“We had a beautiful German Shepherd named Andy, who died of cancer. It was very hard for us. I was there when he passed away, and there was a real hole in our home life. And I spoke about it with Tom, and I said, ‘You know, we need another dog,” and he agreed and I found Mike, and he delivered us this gorgeous little baby.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


Written by Rebecca Williams

Rebecca Williams

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