It’s been only a few weeks since Donald Trump became the next president of the United States, and the outside world is already starting to hate America more than ever. Since entering the White House President Trump has created an uproar with his executive orders banning refugees from entering the country and the ban on immigration from 7 muslim oriented countries.

European TV shows have been mocking Donald Trump’s presidency with spoof tourism ads, these hilarious ads urge Trump to put their nation second since he has already put America first! 

A Dutch TV show called “Zondag Met Lubach” began the Trump spoofs when they used Donald’s own speaking style to point out the Netherlands’ greatest assets. Since the spoof commercial has gone viral, shows in Denmark, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Lithuania have all followed the trend creating their very own Spoof tourism ads mocking President Trump. 

The Netherlands

“We speak Dutch. It’s the best language in Europe. We’ve got all the best words.”


“ABBA is the most famous Belgian band in history. Well, they’re Swedish, but according to alternative facts they’re Belgian. I swear.”


“We’re not flat, like for example the Netherlands. They are so flat. Total disaster.”


“We are the center of Europe and the best country in Europe. Period. All the others are losers. Are they in the center? No, we are. Bullseye.”


“Sixty percent of Americans think that Portugal is a province of Spain. They probably voted for you.”


“You have the Statue of Liberty, we have The Little Mermaid. But don’t let the name fool you. The Little Mermaid is actually pretty huge. Not little, but huge, okay? like your hands are huge, okay?”


“Everything is orange in the Netherlands, which we totally love because you are orange too, but the Dutch are dangerous.”

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