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Finally! Media Asking About Trump Laundering Russian Money and Possible Blackmail: The Walls Close In



Finally! Media Asking About Trump Laundering Russian Money and Possible Blackmail: The Walls Close In


The Young Turks / YouTube White House Golfing Makes Trump More...
The Young Turks / YouTube

“He always got somebody to put up funds for him. To put up the money. And he’d put up the brilliance.”

Donald Trump used to brag that he was the “King of Debt,” that he “loved debt,” and on those particular claims, boy could he ever back it up. Back in the 80a through the early 2000s, he would take out massive loans, not worrying too much about the terms. He had an unshakeable faith in his ability to create “winners” even back then. All too often, he would find himself back at the bank, begging to renegotiate the terms. He would threaten to walk out of the bank and straight to bankruptcy court unless the banks played ball with him. He was always “restructuring” debt, consolidating debt, wiping off debt.That was the “art of the deal,” Trump’s M.O., how he appeared to be so rich and yet always seemed to need more money.

Then, about ten years ago, it all stopped. Trump started to pay cash – lots of it, for properties. Stranger still, Trump made the change in strategy at a point in time when no other investor was paying cash for property. Interest rates were so low that money was cheap and the economy risky. It made far more sense from a financial perspective to use the bank’s money to buy the property and pay the note’s terms, while your money stayed invested in higher yielding investments, like what would become a hard-charging market through the last decade.

Something changed, something caused Trump to change his views on using “debt” as the principle means of building a business. It might be tempting to point to his four bankruptcies in and around the time that his Atlantic City ventures went bottom-up, as the possible reason for the shift. However, IF Trump learned any lesson during his bankruptalooza tour, it would be “never use your own money when others’ will do just fine.” It was not the bankruptcies that changed Trump’s basic approach. After all, when confronted with his failures in Atlantic City, he is quick to note how much money he personally made on the deals.

Something else changed.

The Washington Post has a fantastic piece of reporting about a question that has bothered me since I first read of the pattern two years ago.

In the nine years before he ran for president, Donald Trump’s company spent more than $400 million in cash on new properties — including 14 transactions paid for in full, without borrowing from banks — during a buying binge that defied real estate industry practices and Trump’s own history as the self-described “King of Debt.”

Trump’s vast outlay of cash, tracked through public records and totaled publicly here for the first time, provides a new window into the president’s private company, which discloses few details about its finances.

It shows that Trump had access to far more cash than previously known, despite his string of commercial bankruptcies and the Great Recession’s hammering of the real estate industry.

In the article, Eric Trump explains to us dolts that the decision was made because “they wanted to invest in themselves,” an answer that may as well have been, “because we felt like it.” He brags that they had such “incredible cash flow” coming out of their traditional properties (i.e. Trump Tower, and his “branding” business) that they could afford to do it, adding like only a Trump could: “It’s a nice problem to have.” He is talking about a period a few short years after many people lost everything in the Atlantic City fiasco – which the city itself still hasn’t recovered from – perhaps if Trump had such large cash flow coming into the organization, he could have used some of it to prop-up the Atlantic City deals, saved others from financial ruin, and keep a few of those bankruptcies off the books. But, now I’m getting off track.

Back to Eric, and back to the money.

The Post was not the first to ask about this peculiar new business plan. In fact, Eric got a near identical question several years ago. But, the last time he was asked, his father was not running for president, and thus his answer contained far more truth. From a Vanity Fair article that came out last year:

“So when I got in the cart with Eric,” Dodson says, “as we were setting off, I said, ‘Eric, who’s funding? I know no banks—because of the recession, the Great Recession—have touched a golf course. You know, no one’s funding any kind of golf construction. It’s dead in the water the last four or five years.’ And this is what he said. He said, ‘Well, we don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.’ I said, ‘Really?’ And he said, ‘Oh, yeah. We’ve got some guys that really, really love golf, and they’re really invested in our programs. We just go there all the time.’ Now that was three years ago, so it was pretty interesting.

So, Eric, which is it? Because it cannot be both. The articles reference the same period.  You either made a decision to “invest in yourself” because you had such incredible cash flow coming out of the recession, or you went to Russia and got it. One or the other. We’re waiting …

No, we’re not. Because we know the answer, because it is the only answer that makes sense. When money is cheap, as it was during the ultra-low interest rate period following the recession, people do not spend their own cash, unless the cash itself is a “problem” that needs “cleansing.” (Oh, and do not let that part about banks not touching golf bother you. Banks were more than happy to finance large golf resorts so long as some of that loan was secured by tying it to all that cash flow that Eric noted as being a good problem to have.) No, they got all the “financing” they needed out of Russia because the Trumps are one of the few wealthy American families willing to deal with some of the world’s most ruthless criminals, killers, literally. These Russian billionaires are bursting with cash and need it spent on “things” that are “worth a lot” but hard to determine a precise value, in other words, not stocks, not currency, but high end real estate.

The media is already taking note of the Post’s important and timely piece. Everyone knows the context, even if it cannot be said aloud; Russia. Sam Stein commented on MSNBC via Rawstory:

“This is super weird,” he said. “$400 million in cash just laying around to play with and buy golf courses is basically unheard of—especially when you can borrow money really cheap right now,” he said. “I looked it up because money-laundering is a very specific legal definition and what we do not know is the origins of the money they had on.. you have to have criminally generated money put into something that looks legally appropriate. Who knows where this money came from?”

The people who gave Trump the cash know where the money came from.

And THAT, is the problem that has haunted Trump throughout his presidency, and explains how it is that we have a Russian oligarch sycophant as president. See, Trump likes to run around and say “there’s no collusion, everyone agrees on that,” because in Trump’s mind, the only way one could “collude” with Russia is to sit around a big table and say “yes” when Russia offers to help you win the election, and promise to do whatever they ask in exchange for that help. (Which, ironically, might have happened in Trump Tower). But, that is not the only way to collude.

Trump knows he can “conspire” with Russia without a word needing be said, no meetings, no agreement. Trump knows that he has laundered hundreds of millions of dollars for Putin and the Russian mob. Trump also knows that he damn sure has not reported those “loans” to the American people. He would be removed from office on the spot. But, Trump knows that Russia could leak evidence of his money-laundering crimes, should it ever come into Russia’s interest to do so.Thus, from the very beginning, Trump has been vulnerable to Russia, vulnerable enough to perhaps have even followed an order to run for president.

Collusion is just another word for “conspiracy,” in this matter. A “conspiracy” can occur if Trump knows Russia is working to get him elected president, and knows why – because they have him over a barrel, Russia literally owns him. By saying nothing about such obvious conflicts, Trump creates a conspiracy, and each act to hide the conflict, to hide the “Russian thing” becomes another act in furtherance of the conspiracy.

The Washington Post story is a critical step in proving this conspiracy, even though the story itself, having been written by sober, responsible, journalists, cannot mention “money laundering” and the Russian collusion” issue expressly. The reader understands the pretext throughout, again, some “understandings” are so obvious that nothing need be said.

Watch the discussion for yourself. Let the importance sink-in. This is the type of evidence that Mueller focuses upon, why he hired prosecutors whose specialty is high-end illegal money transfers. Mark this date on your calendar, the date the Washington Post puts its finger on the collusion-conspiracy problem with an in-depth report, one day after Rudy Giuliani proved to the world that Trump has lied his ass off throughout the entire Stormy matter.

The walls are closing in, fast.

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Meet Seth Grossman. He is a man who once held public office in Atlantic County. He also has some rather asinine racist views. This is a man who once said that “the whole idea of diversity is a bunch of crap, and un-American,” and used his Facebook feed to link to a white nationalist article that says that black people “are a threat to all who cross their paths, black and non-black alike.” Media Matters has Grossman quoted as saying the following:

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“Bigotry has no place in society — let alone the U.S. House of RepresentativesThe NRCC withdraws our support of Seth Grossman and calls on him to reconsider his candidacy.”

Ah, Stivers can say what he likes, but the cards are all on the table, and the verdict is in. The Republican Party is the party of white supremacy and Nazism. Further, this Grossman guy is not some fringe candidate who doesn’t have a prayer of winning. He won his primary with three opponents, with these kinds of statements out there. He also garnered support from the Republican Party. Further, he is running to replace retiring GOP Congressman Frank A. LoBiondo. In short, the only reason the GOP is withdrawing support for Grossman is because they now have no choice. Even former Jeb Bush adviser Tim Miller says so:

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Bombshell Report Reveals Just How Predatory Trump Really Is; It’s Creepy As Hell

Donald Trump has openly bragged on tape about creeping on women and young girls. He told radio host Howard Stern how he would walk into the dressing rooms of teenage beauty pageant contestants, and bragged of sexually assaulting women on the infamous Access Hollywood tape. As if that weren’t bad enough, a new BBC report reveals Trump’s behavior, with eyewitness accounts, and debacherous parties featuring teenage girls, lots of drugs and booze, and of course a select few older men, including Donald Trump.

Just as Trump heads to a combative NATO summit in Brussels, in which he is sure to continue humiliating Americans on the world stage, BBC Panaroma has been doing a bit of digging on The Donald. According to their reporting, in the 1980s and 1990s, Trump was horrific sexual predator in the New York party scene. Here is the tweet advertising the program, which is aptly called Trump: Is the President a Sex Pest? :

According a woman named Barbara Pilling who was at a party when she was 17 where Trump was in attendance, he was positively creepy. When she told Trump how old she was at the time, he allegedly responded:

“Oh, great. So you’re not too old and not too young. That’s just great.”

Pilling went on to say of the encounter:

“I felt I was in the presence of a shark.”

Another young model from the 1990s named Heather Braden says that she had the misfortune of encountering Trump at a Miami party where there were a bunch of young models and just a few old ass men, one of whom was Trump. She said of the situation:

“I felt like a piece of meat in a market. I could have been auctioned off in some sort of a sex slave ring.”

A man who traveled in similar party circles as Trump during that time said he witnessed this behavior many time, with men far older preying on vulnerable young girls, some as young as 14. Trump was particularly memorable:

“This guy was like a predator in action. The next day or days after we would hear about it, he would brag about it to his friends and it would get around that he scored. Maybe one or two girls at a time, which is what he loved to do.”

Of course, Trump and the White House will continue to lie and ignore this despicable and arguably criminal behavior. Alas, in the GOP’s cult-like world, Trump can do no wrong. And they will put all of their hypocrisy on display to boot, as they stack the courts with so-called “family values” types and continue moralizing on the lives of their fellow Americans, all while excusing Trump’s obvious immorality.

‘Tis the Republican way.

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They Can’t Stand Trump On The Other Side Of The Pond Either, MPs Want To Cancel His Visit With Queen




They Can’t Stand Trump On The Other Side Of The Pond Either, MPs Want To Cancel His Visit With Queen



Trump has approached the visit to the UK in the manner of a frat boy who, invited to a party, gets drunk and pees in the coat closet. So far it’s been a complete farce with Melania looking more like a character out of a a road show of Beauty and The Beast than a dignified representative of America. This is Prince Charles’ take:

Now despite the fact that literally the rest of the world is aghast at how Trump has used a benevolent diplomatic visit to politically stab the British Prime Minster in the back, Trump himself is oblivious to what he has wrought and he thinks that everything is just fine. He thinks he’s the most popular Republican president in the entire history of the party, in point of fact. The Hill:

The president also said of his four-day visit to the U.K. that “many people are delighted.”

“I get thousands of notifications from people in the U.K. that they love the President of the United States. They want the same thing I want,” he said.

Trump even mentioned a poll claiming that he was the “most popular person in the history of the Republican Party. Beating Lincoln.”

“I beat our Honest Abe,” Trump added. “But the people of the UK, and I’ll bet if you had an honest poll,  I’d be very strong. They want the same thing I want. I love the U.K.”

It is unclear what poll Trump meant.

His love is unrequited, at least in Parliament. They want to cut this charade short. The Guardian:

Stella Creasy, the Labour and Co-operative MP for Walthamstow, condemned what she saw as “Trump’s demonisation of immigration and UK” and wrote: “Time to stop holding his hand and instead start holding the door open for him.”

“Trump is a racist and disrespects our nation. Why does he get to meet our Queen? And those Tories saying we should respect him simply because he is elected president – by that logic shouldn’t he respect our prime minister and London’s mayor?” tweeted [Anna Turley] the MP for Redcar.

Rupa Huq, the Labour MP for Central Ealing and Acton, said: “A dash of Islamophobia lobbed at Sadiq Khan who he blames for terrorism. Awful stuff.”

In 2017 the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, vetoed the idea of Trump speaking inside the chamber, saying Trump was unfit to address MPs, because of parliament’s opposition to to racism and to sexism.

Because the man has no honor in himself he cannot recognize that quality in others. It is regrettable that Theresa May extended the hand of friendship and diplomacy and that it has backfired on her. His interview in the Sun is unprecedented in its insult to a foreign leader by a US president.  He depicts May as a “bossy schoolteacher” who can’t negotiate, and of course he told her how to handle Brexit but the little lady wouldn’t listen to him.

Britain survived the Blitz, they will get through this, too. During that time, Edward R. Murrow sonorously intoned, “This is London.” This is London today and these people aren’t in the streets to tell Trump how much they love him. Reputation is acquired by drops but lost in a torrent and this administration has dried it up altogether.

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