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Former World Champion Returning to Major Wrestling Company

Over the past few years we have slowly watched the death of TNA Wrestling. What once was a very popular alternative to WWE – has now become more of a complicated indy disaster. Every year TNA Wrestling smashes headlines with its comical downfall and constant loss of talent (majority being its originals and most popular.)

However things seem to be looking better for TNA Wrestling following its purchase by the Parent company of the Fight Nightwork. One of TNA’s main problem has always been the constant interference from Dixie CarterTNA Wrestling’s former owner – who wasn’t rather skilled in the creative end of wrestling.

According to F4WOnline, TNA Wrestling – under its new management, has offered a former World Champion a contract to return to the company. Former TNA World Champion Magnus has been in talks with TNA Wrestling since the company trade hands, and while nothing has been signed yet…. insider believe that a contract will be signed before the next taping.

Magnus was with TNA Wrestling for 7 years before departing the company back in 2015. He previously had said the following about his 2015 departure. 

“It was my decision. The way my contract was structured, without getting too detailed, they couldn’t release me. There was something in there that prevented that, which was nice. It was due to roll over at the end of June. At the beginning of June I decided to give them notice that they hadn’t contacted me regarding anything. It was structured that if they hadn’t made contact about it a month out, I had the option to end it. There was a brief conversation, it was really friendly. I think they knew how I felt, and I knew they were in a position financially where it was getting difficult for them to honor contracts like mine. Not trying to disclose too much, but I got it on pretty good authority from the office that I was in the upper echelon as pay is concerned. I knew they weren’t in a position to offer the same structure. A year ago I had made peace with the idea of leaving. I always delivered everything they gave me whether I liked it or not. I knew in my gut a year ago I wasn’t going to stay.”

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