How Phaedra Parks Children Are Coping with Apollo Nida Being in Prison

Late last year Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks husband Apollo Nida was sentenced to eight years behind bars. Since turning himself over to the authorities Apollo’s soon to be ex-wife Phaedra Parks hasn’t allowed their children to visit their father behind bars.

Apollo Nida was recently moved from his Kentucky jail cell over to a prison in New Jersey. Surprisingly enough it is the same prison that Joe Giudice will be serving his jail sentence in a few short months.

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Recently Phaedra Parks has consulted with mental health experts to discuss if it would be a good idea for her children to visit their father in prison.

Apollo clearly wants to see his two sons Dylan and Ayden, however after both him and Phaedra consulted Mental Health professional… they came to the conclusion that their children might not benefit from seeing their father in an orange jump suit.

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Their conclusion was drawn from the fact that their sons may be too young to handle the fact that their father is a convicted felon behind bars. While Phaedra doesn’t want to keep her children away from their father for 8 gruesome years, it may be a few more years before the children are allowed to visit Apollo.

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