If WWE Were Being Honest About The UK Championship


If WWE Were Being Honest About The UK Championship


  1. They can use it as the secondary belt on 205 Live (WWE would have put it on NXT, but they chose to create that NXTNA title). 205 live needs something else to keep the midcard cruiserweights busy, and it seems the UK wrestlers merge well with the division

  2. Elevate the title, let it be the 2nd men's title in Nxt, let it be defend every other takeover. Let the champ have regular tv time with Nxt, unlike brock with Raw.Nxt have so many talent but so little thing to challenge for, having other title to chase there would definitely elevate the title and wrestlers with it

  3. I knew this UK Champion division wasn't going to go anywhere from the beginning! It just a panic button when they found out about World of Sport which I don't understand why because it doesn't mean anything now. I'm more than happy to see them compete in the UK independent scene than in the WWE. Apart from Pete Dunne nothing has really stood out which in the end, WWE hasn't really been honest. Their like that a lot these days

  4. so basically WWE created the UK thing just to fuck up world of sports and make money on UK and now that WOS is no more and there's no competition in UK for WWE's project they don't know what he'll are going to do now with British division

  5. Unlike the European Championship (that title that lasted from 1997-2002) it's actually held by someone who's actually from that country. Hopefully,if an American wins the United Kingdom Championship it'll be way better than when Shawn Michaels won the European Championship.

  6. They should bring the UK championship to Smackdown and have Neville win it and make it exclusive to Smackdown because RAW have the cruiserweight and it’s not like every holder has to be from the UK look at the US title not as if everyone that holds that’s from the US , MAKE IT HAPPEN SMACKDOWN

  7. Nobody in WWE ever promised any UK specials or a 205Live like show. That was all Meltzer. As far as the talent on retainer they were being paid by the WWE while also being allowed to continue to work their indy events seems like a pretty sweet gig to me. You report that the pay was low but I'm willing to bet that Dunne Wolfgang Andrews Bate and Seven (the stars that have been on WWE programming) were/are being paid accordingly

  8. The UK championship needs more publicity, as does UK wrestling in general. We don’t see any of it air on TV or in the media at all, which sucks


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