Early this morning the wrestling world was left in shock when it learned that Chavo Guerrero Sr. had died Saturday at 68 due to complications from his battle with liver cancer.

Chavo Guerrero Sr. (or Chavo Classic) was the brother of the late Eddie Guerrero and the father to former WWE star (and current Lucha Underground star) Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. left a heart filled message this morning  on Instagram when he announced the passed of his father (Chavo Guerrero Sr.) due to complications from his battle with liver cancer. 

Chavo Guerrero Sr. was born in El Paso, Texas, not in Mexico City where he would later move in order to begin his wide career as a pro wrestler/Lucha Libre Star. Chavo wrestled all over the United States, and was actually hue in California, becoming a 15-time NWA Americas Heavyweight champion.

Chavo’s final high profiled wrestling appearance was during Lucha Underground last year where he was featured in the feud between his son Chavo Guerrero Jr. and his former protegee Rey Mysterio Jr.

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