Jax Taylor, the very delicious asshole from Vanderpump rules can just not have a season without drama. TMZ has recently revealed that Mr. Taylor was arrested during a cast trip to Hawaii, ironically they went to Hawaii to celebrate his birthday.

Jax Taylor was arrested after he apparently stole a pair of Sunglasses on friday worth $300 dollars. He then returned to his hotel which stupidly was only a block away from the incident where he was caught and arrested.

Since this was filmed you can probably expect Jax to be the main storyline once again during the next season of Vanderpump Rules. Seriously why couldn’t anyone just buy him those pair of sunglasses for his birthday?glasses that were worth at least $300. He had returned to his hotel which was a block away from the store after the incident and was then arrested. He is still in jail as the show is in the midst of filming its fourth season.


Update: Jax Taylor’s Mug Shot Photo

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