Kelly Clarkson Covers Blank Space By Taylor Swift, and Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Very rarely are we graced with a cover version of a song and are instantly amazed, seriously the last time I can remember being amazed was after listening to the Asian version of the Voice when this tiny little girl sang Adele to perfection. On Saturday while performing in Toronto, Canada, Kelly Clarkson performed a cover version of Taylor Swifts song Blank Space that will certainly blow your mind.

While Kelly Clarkson has been on her most recent tour she has done other cover songs of popular past songs that have been blowing away her audiences, so it comes to no surprise that she would sing a Taylor Swift song after a request from a fan. Other cover songs that Kelly Clarkson has performed on her tour so far include NYSNC’s “Bye,Bye, Bye” and Rihanna’s song “Stay.”

Another awesome song that Kelly Clarkson covered on Saturday was Imagine Dragons “Radioactive” you can check out a clip of that cover song by Kelly Clarkson below, while you can watch Kelly perform Blank Space at the way top!

What do you guys think of Kelly Clarkson’s cover songs?

Written by Rebecca Williams

Rebecca Williams

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