Kenya Moore is oh so very how do we say it? Kenya Moore’ish in her newest interview up at  Below is the transcript! Why did you think Kandi knew about the Chocolate rumors?
Kenya Moore: Clearly it’s not a “rumor” if it comes from one’s husband. With that said, we all know Todd and Kandi and the Nidas are all close friends. I naturally assumed Kandi knew and was being the keeper of Phaedra’s secrets. I do believe Kandi is blindly loyal to Phaedra and has had problems before seeing the truth and her faults. I laughed when I saw Kandi in her confessional say, “It wasn’t any of my business,” when I asked her if she knew about Mr. Chocolate. Yet Kandi was the only one grilling me over the Apollo texts and had plenty to say then. Were you surprised Phaedra walked out on Cynthia?
KM: Not at all. Phaedra has always either told lies or diverted the attention from herself to someone else to avoid the truth being told about her. Cynthia merely stated that Phaedra never fact checked prior to spreading Apollo’s lies about me. Phaedra had no response or defense, and thus she fled so she didn’t have to answer the obvious. What did you think of NeNe’s idea to bring everyone to a group counseling session?KM: I thought it was a joke coming from her. I was particularly offended when I wasn’t invited but somehow blamed for having the most issues with the women. Nice try NoNo! Historically speaking, NeNe has been the common denominator when it comes to dissension amongst us. She has also ruined every single friendship she has had dating back to Kim, Sheree, Marlo, Cynthia, and myself (to name a few). Sorry, I forgot — now she claims we were never friends… Dust!

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