Kim Richards Brings Lisa Rinna to Tears at the RHOBH Reunion Part 2!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns Tuesday night with its highly anticipated second installment of its three part reunion. During this episode Kim Richards brings Lisa Rinna to tears…. over a teddy bear!

You may recall a few episodes ago Lisa Rinna had given Kim Richards a ‘peace offering,’ in that of a teddy bear that she wanted Richards to give to her grandchild. Kim Richards brought the very teddy bear to this years reunion…and gave it right back to Rinna.

Kim reveals that she feels like the teddy bear has bad energy…. and she doesn’t want her grandchild to have it…. however on a slightly kind note she does tell Rinna that maybe in the future when things are better between them… she can give Kim back the teddy bear for her grandchild!

This of course brings the ever emotional Lisa Rinna to tears… and you will never guess what happens next! Check out the clip and let us know your thoughts!

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