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Kim Richards Could Be Facing Jail Time… Again

Kim Richards Could Be Facing Jail Time… Again

Since leaving the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as a full time housewife, Kim Richards has had a rough few years. She lost the love of her life Monty, she got arrested…twice, and she had multiple (failed?) stints in rehab over the past two years.

Kim Richards made her highly anticipated return to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this year, and tried her best to revamp her image while simultaneously battling it out with her archnemisis Lisa Rinna

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Things may be have been looking good for the former housewife over the past few months with her return to Reality TV and the birth of her granddaughter. However things might just be taking a turn for the worse again.

It was revealed earlier today that Kim Richards might be facing jail time… yet again. It all stems back to her arrest in October 2015 for shoplifting at Target. Where Richards plead no contest to one count of petty theft (she was originally charged for stealing upwards of $600 worth of items.)

“Kim’s attorney appeared in court on behalf of her client Friday for a probation modification hearing. She stood before Commissioner Jane Godfrey who told her if the community labor hours weren’t completed at Midnight Mission by the specified date, Richards could receive jail time.”

Kim Richards could be facing jail-time if she doesn’t complete her mandatory 450 hours of community labor by September, 7th, 2017. Commissioner Godfrey requested a written (and signed) letter from Richards personally before September, 7th, proving that Richards has completed (or is close to completing) the required hours.

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