Kim Richards Drinking Was A Constant Behind-The-Scenes Issue


According to a new report, sources are telling that Kim Richards sobriety was a “constant issue behind-the-scenes” this season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. RHOBH co-stars Lisa Vanderpump and Yolanda Foster “knew better than to confront Kim about her sobriety and ignored the issue, while Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna didn’t know any better.” New reports are claiming.

Production sources tell TMZ that Kim Richards hid her drinking and but never did it where her co stars could see her, but that it was obvious. For example, she would disappear during filming, then emerge obviously impaired.

The real catalyst for Kim’s relapse? Her dog Kingsley. Kim’s pit bull was a threat to the Bravo crew so he had to be in a cage during filming. Production also sent a dog trainer to Kim’s home to work with Kingsley. When the trainer arrived Kim was allegedly “such a mess” he had to actually put her to bed.

What Do You guys think about these new reports?

Photo Credit: Bravo


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