Since entering the oval office President Donald Trump has been fiercely hated by the American people. Riot’s have broken out and law’s have been broken, it really shouldn’t come as much of a shock that Kmart and Sears have just dropped Trump products.

When two of the biggest big box retailers decide to stop selling your brand of home products, it should be safe to say that you may no longer be a very well liked person.

The Trump Home Line, which is of course owned by Donald Trump or rather his Trump Organization, is no longer available on either Kmart or Sears online websites.

While representatives of Sears insist that this has nothing to do with politics, it wouldn’t be crazy to questions their true motives.

Sears reps’ insists that they dropped the line due to the lack of demand, however the lack of demand is most likely caused by the lack of popularity in president trump.

“As part of the company’s initiative to optimize its online product assortment, we constantly refine that assortment to focus on our most profitable items.”

A Sears representative revealed to Business Insider;  “Amid that streamlining effort, 31 Trump Home items were among the items removed online this week.”

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