Lady Gaga has just delivered the best Super Bowl Halftime Show performance ever! With a huge mix of her number one hits songs and what seemed like the most practiced and skilled dance team ever; Lady Gaga has just taken the world by storm.

Lady Gaga began her mind blowing Super Bowl 2017 Halftime show performance in a silver body suit performing a tear jerking redemption of “God Bless America”, while surrounded by what must have been hundreds of drones.

Lady Gaga was lowered down to the stage where she beautifully sang out her hit songs Poker Face and Telephone. Gaga surrounded by her well skilled and choreographed dance team unleashed a variety of her hit songs including (but not limited to!) “Just Dance,” “Born This Way,” and “Bad Romance.” 

Lady Gaga also soulfully sang her newest hit single “Million Reasons” off her new album Joanne. During this performance Gaga truly moved the crowd, her beautiful performance brought America closer together  (if even only more a short moment.) At the end of her performance, Lady Gaga dropped her microphone, jumped off stage (disappearing to the television audience) and yelled, “Super Bowl 51!”

Check out Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show Performance below!

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