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Lana Del Rey Surprises Fans with Release of New Single ‘Love’

Lana Del Rey: ‘Love’ Stream, Lyrics & Download – Listen Now!

Lana Del Rey made headlines earlier this morning when she dropped the single “Love,” from her upcoming album. News of the release spread rapidly after posters were hung around the majority of Los Angeles – shortly after Lana Del Rey’s single hit Itunes.

 “Look at you kids with your vintage music,” Lana Del Rey begins her new single “Love” – in her now infamous distinguished melancholy tone. “Love” is a song an uplifting song about depression, and in particular the rapid growing impact it is having on our youth.

Lana Del Rey continues her new song, “Comin’ through satellites while cruisin’. You’re part of the past, but now you’re the future. Signals crossing can get confusing.” Lana is directly telling her fans how much she appreciates them and they should value themselves and enjoy their youth.

Lana is urging her fans that are depressed – to help themselves get better – and more importantly to enjoy their youth while they still can. Check out Lana Del Rey’s new single “Love” below!

Written by Jamie Florence

Jamie Florence

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