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Demands for John Bolton’s Dismissal After Reports He Asked Pentagon for Options to Strike Iran


Demands for John Bolton’s Dismissal After Reports He Asked Pentagon for Options to Strike Iran


Gage Skidmore / Flickr John Bolton...
Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Reminding the world that he is, as one critic put it, “a reckless advocate of military force,” the Wall Street Journal revealed on Sunday that President Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser John Bolton “asked the Pentagon to provide the White House with military options to strike Iran last year, generating concern at the Pentagon and State Department.”

“It definitely rattled people,” a former U.S. official said of the request, which Bolton supposedly made after militants aligned with Iran fired mortars into the diplomatic quarter of Baghdad, Iraq that contains the U.S. Embassy in early September. “People were shocked. It was mind-boggling how cavalier they were about hitting Iran.”

“The Pentagon complied with the National Security Council’s request to develop options for striking Iran,” the Journal reported, citing unnamed officials. “But it isn’t clear if the proposals were provided to the White House, whether Mr. Trump knew of the request, or whether serious plans for a U.S. strike against Iran took shape at that time.”

The Journal‘s report, which comes just days after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered an “arrogant tirade” of a speech vilifying Iran, sparked immediate alarm among critics of the Trump administration’s biggest warmongers—who, over the past several months, have been accused of fomenting unrest in Iran and laying the groundwork for war.

Daniel W. Drezner, a professor of international politics at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, called the news “a reminder that when it comes to Iran, John Bolton and Mike Pompeo are batshit insane.”

Trita Parsi, founder of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), tweeted, “Make no mistake: Bolton is the greatest threat to the security of the United States!” Parsi, an expert on U.S.-Iranian relations and longtime critic of Bolton, called for his immediate ouster over the request detailed in Journal‘s report.

“This administration takes an expansive view of war authorities and is leaning into a confrontation with Iran at a time when there are numerous tripwires for conflict across the region,” NIAC president Jamal Abdi warned in a statement. “It is imperative that this Congress investigate Bolton’s request for war options and pass legislation placing additional legal and political constraints on the administration’s ability to start a new war of choice with Iran that could haunt America and the region for generations.”

In a series of moves that have elicited concern from members of Congress, political experts, other world leaders, and peace activists, since May the Trump administration has ditched the Iran nuclear deal—formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)—and reimposed economic sanctions.

NIAC, in November, urged the new Congress that convened at the beginning of the year to challenge the administration’s hawkish moves and restore U.S. standing on the world stage by passing measures to block the sanctions re-imposed in August and November, and reverse Trump’s decision to breach the deal—which European and Iranian diplomats have been trying to salvage.

Iran continues to comply with the terms of JCPOA, according to the United Nations nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). However, Ali Akbar Salehi, Iran’s nuclear chief, told state television on Sunday that “preliminary activities for designing modern 20 percent (enriched uranium) fuel have begun.” While Iran has maintained that it is not pursuing nuclear weapons, the nation would still have to withdraw from the deal if it resumed enrichment at the level.

As Iran signals that it is considering withdrawing from the JCPOA, the Journal report has critics worried that Bolton and Pompeo have the administration on a warpath—with Bolton, just last week, insisting without any evidence that Iranian leadership is committed to pursuing nuclear weapons. Some have compared that claim to former Vice President Dick Cheney’s infamous lie in 2002, to bolster support for the U.S. invasion, that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

“John Bolton and fellow Iran hawks believe they have two years left to collapse the Iran nuclear deal and trigger a disastrous war that the American people want no part of,” Abdi concluded. “We know that Bolton and other administration officials preferred an Iran war to negotiations prior to serving Trump. Now there is confirmation that they are still seeking out opportunities to fulfill their war agenda.”

As the Journal noted, “Alongside the requests in regards to Iran, the National Security Council asked the Pentagon to provide the White House with options to respond with strikes in Iraq and Syria as well.”

In Newly Uncovered Audio File, Mick Mulvaney Shreds Trump’s Border Wall As ‘Absurd and Childish’ (AUDIO)


In Newly Uncovered Audio File, Mick Mulvaney Shreds Trump’s Border Wall As ‘Absurd and Childish’ (AUDIO) |


Democrats aren’t the only ones who think that Trump’s wall idea is idiotic. His own acting chief of staff believes it’s absurd and childish. And unfortunately for him, he’s been caught on tape saying it.

Donald Trump is desperately trying to get funding for his stupid wall before the end of the year. But his own administration thinks it’s a bad idea.

On Friday CNN’s KFile uncovered an audio tape from 2015 of the incoming acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, talking about Trump’s border wall idea. Mulvaney called it “simplistic” and “absurd.”

“The fence doesn’t solve the problem. Is it necessary to have one, sure? Would it help? Sure. But to just say build the darn fence and have that be the end of an immigration discussion is absurd and almost childish for someone running for president to take that simplistic of [a] view,” Mulvaney said on the tape.

Earlier this week Trump agreed to sign the funding bill passed by Congress which did not fund his wall. But in typical Trump fashion, he threw everything into absolute chaos when he flipped and refused to sign the bill. His reversal followed a full 24 hours of Fox News shredding him for caving on the wall. This week was yet another example of the way that the wing-nuts at Fox are running the country.

Congress has until midnight on Friday to pass a bill that Trump will sign, or the government will shut down just in time for Christmas.


Featured image via Flickr

Three Washington Post Conservative columnists bash Trump


Three Washington Post Conservative columnists bash Trump


HuffPost / YouTube Does Donald Trump Have Anger Issues...
HuffPost / YouTube

Granted, none of the three Max Boot, Kathleen Parker, and Jennifer Rubin — has been other than a critic of Trump.  But having all three on the same webpage of one of the nation’s most important newspapers (and one read by Congressional types), perhaps carries a little more weight?

Let’s start with Parker, whose column is titled The wall is a testament to Trump’s toxic narcissism.  After exploring the idea of Trump’s narcissism, Parker informs us that a Mexican can, without a visa, travel by plane from Mexico to Canada for $300, and then poses a question which she answers forcefully:

Would Trump shut down the government for a northern wall?

Of course not. This is because “Build the Wall” and “Mexico will pay for it” were campaign slogans created by a guy who never expected to become president. Now that he faces possible rejection, the wall has become a metaphor for his identity, his very being-ness. To fail would be to suffer narcissistic injury, which, given Trump’s immaturity and predilection to punch back, could lead to a real national crisis. As he said, he’d be proud to shut down the government — and keep it shut down for months or years if need be.

All for that stupid wall.

that stupid wall — indeed.

Please keep reading.

We will look next at Max Boot’s Here are 18 reasons Trump could be a Russian asset.  If you have been paying attention, none of those reasons — for each of which Boot provides either a link and/or a detailed explanation — should be new to you. But reading one after another is like a series of punches to the gut. But immediately after completing the list, Boot offers this:

Now that we’ve listed 18 reasons Trump could be a Russian asset, let’s look at the exculpatory evidence. . .

[This page intentionally left blank]

I can’t think of anything that would exonerate Trump aside from the difficulty of grasping what once would have seemed unimaginable: that a president of the United States could actually have been compromised by a hostile foreign power.

And if that is not enough, Boot goes further. He goes through the “evidence” supporting Trump’s contention of how tough he has been on Russia (despite his complaints about any toughness his administration might have been showing towards Russia, he concludes with this paragraph:

This is hardly a “beyond a reasonable doubt” case that Trump is a Russian agent — certainly not in the way that Robert Hanssen or Aldrich Ames were. But it is a strong, circumstantial case that Trump is, as former acting CIA director Michael Morell and former CIA director Michael V. Hayden warned during the 2016 campaign, “an unwitting agent of the Russian federation” (Morell) or a “useful fool” who is “manipulated by Moscow” (Hayden). If Trump isn’t actually a Russian agent, he is doing a pretty good imitation of one.

If Trump isn’t actually a Russian agent, he is doing a pretty good imitation of one.    


Finally, let’s go to Jennifer Rubin and her piece, titled No president has ever been asked: Are you a Russian agent?

She goes through the recent stories in the nation’s two most important papers, New York Times and Washington Post, that broke at the end of last week, as well as commentary in response from the likes of Ben Wittes and Laurence Tribe and Asha Rangappa, all of which is on the point and well worth reading completely,

Rubin offers some pointed commentary on Trump hiding the content of his conversations with Putin.  Consider each of these comments:

…  in Trump’s concealing and perhaps destroying of records of conversations with Vladimir Putin, the question is raised: Was he destroying evidence of collusion and in fact continuing to collude with Putin?

Immediately after that Rubin starts a paragraph like this:

ere is no logical reason that Trump would be going to such efforts to keep everyone else from knowing what he told Putin if there was not something untoward, embarrassing and/or incriminating in those discussions. Otherwise, those records would be essential for his own senior staff in formulating Trump’s desired Russia policy.

Reread the first of those two sentences again.  Let them sit in your mind.

Now read the last sentence of that same paragraph:

The very fact that Putin knows what was said and we don’t raises the potential for blackmail.

Of course, many of us believe that Putin already had material with which to blackmail Trump before any of the meetings (or phone calls) the two have had since January 20, 2017.

I am going to push fair use and quote ALL of Rubin’s final paragraph, which comes after further discussion/analysis on her part, because it is perhaps the most important thing I have read since the two news report broke at the end of last week. I will offer a few additional words afterward.

Here is that paragraph:

The two reports may have several ramifications. First, even if they don’t say it out loud, sentient Republicans on the Hill increasingly understand the Mueller investigation is extremely serious and has the potential to bring the president down. They may hope it is a nothingburger, but they aren’t dumb people. They know that what has already come out is disturbing, and they know that there is more coming. Second, we should put aside the assumption that no matter what is in the report Republicans will not turn on Trump and seek his removal. Not until we know what Trump said to Putin, what Manafort and Konstantin Kilimnik discussed, what former White House counsel Don McGahn, Michael Cohen and Michael Flynn shared with Mueller in dozens of hours of discussion and a whole lot more will we be able to predict what Republicans will and will not do. Third, it is imperative in his confirmation hearings that attorney general nominee William P. Barr pledge to allow Mueller to complete his work and to make his report public. And finally, if it were not obvious before, this is already the biggest scandal in American presidential history. No other president has so closely aligned himself with a hostile foreign leader, and no campaign has been so intertwined with Russian operatives. Even Richard Nixon didn’t do that.

Let’s note the points

– The accumulation of stories is getting very serious and even Republicans realize that the accumulation of material is far complete.

–  Republicans increasingly understand the seriousness, and the possibility exists that they will be willing to turn on Trump  Here it is worth noting how quickly Nixon’s support dried up once the smoking gun tape was released.

– Yet again we see the need to get Barr to publicly commit to protecting the Mueller investigation.  Here I note that while Comey actually was not that close to Mueller, Barr actually has a longstanding and close personal relationship with Mueller, which MIGHT have an impact on any actions he might take. I suspect that relationship will be publicly discussed during his confirmation hearing this week.

if it were not obvious before, this is already the biggest scandal in American presidential history

Trump likes to apply superlatives to his Presidency. We have gotten used to his lies about these: his inaugural crowd size, how much his administration has accomplished, how tough he has been on Russia, to cite just three.

But there are “superlatives” we can apply to his Presidency.  Already, we have the longest government shutdown in American history.

And I think Rubin is right.  This is the biggest scandal in American presidential history.  Bigger than Watergate or Teapot Dome or anything in the 19th Century.

Three outstanding opinion pieces in the Post.  You should read them all.

Florida’s New GOP Governor Makes Sure Everyone Knows How Much He Hates The Gays


Florida’s New GOP Governor Makes Sure Everyone Knows How Much He Hates The Gays | Addicting Info


The recent Florida Governor’s race between Democrat Andrew Gillum and Republican Ron DeSantis was hotly contested. As soon as the general election battle started, accusations of racism cropped up, as racist robocalls supporting DeSantis peppered the state’s phone lines, and DeSantis himself said that the Florida voters should not, quote, “monkey this up” by electing Gillum. Everyone knows that comparing African-Americans to apes is as racist as it comes, and the dog whistle was likely not missed by DeSantis’s supporters, regardless of any denials of racist intent. Now that DeSantis is safely in the Governor’s mansion, there is another situation brewing with regards to his bigotry: Homophobia.

Gov. DeSantis has decided to reaffirm the state’s commitment to refusing to discriminate against people based upon surface characteristics – unless you happen to be LGBTQ. Executive Order No. 19-10 states that it is, “Reaffirming Commitment to Diversity in Government.” Of course, conspicuously missing is any protections regarding sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. And given the Republican Party’s bigoted track record here, that should surprise absolutely no one.

Equality Florida’s Joe Saunders had an absolutely stinging response to Ron DeSantis’s overt homophobia as policy:

“Equality Florida is deeply disappointed to see that LGBTQ employees and contractors have been left out of the governor’s executive order.”

Saunders continued:

“It’s hard to believe that Gov. DeSantis and his staff are not aware of the LGBTQ community’s call for these protections following the Pulse tragedy and therefore it is hard to interpret this as anything less than a purposeful omission. As governors across the country establish these critical protections for LGBTQ families, this order draws a stark contrast. We look forward to a dialogue with Gov. DeSantis about why LGBTQ employees have been omitted from this critical policy and how he plans to make sure that all Floridians, regardless of who they are or who they love, can be protected from discrimination.”

Of course, DeSantis’s office is quite on this. He’s a bigot, his voters are bigots, and the Republican Party is just fine with that. Get with the times, GOP. If you don’t want people to say your party is full of bigots, stop acting like bigots, and stop enacting bigotry as policy. Easy peasy.

Bachelor Bad Boy No More! How Arie Luyendyk Jr. Firmly Shed His Player Image


Bachelor Bad Boy No More! How Arie Luyendyk Jr. Firmly Shed His Player Image


Jennifer Griffith/@griffithimaging

“The show would be perfect for @ariejr up until it comes to choosing just one.”

Who could forget the shade ex-girlfriend Sydney Stempfley tossed Arie Luyendyk Jr. ‘s way when he was named as ABC’s choice to dole out the roses on the 22nd season of The Bachelor. And for one moment last March, that was presumably deliciously satisfying for her, it kind of seemed like she was right. His feet cooling off mere months after he told perky publicist Becca Kufrin he wanted to “choose you every day from here on out,” he ended their brief engagement in an agonizingly long breakup captured by cameras and aired in it’s secondhand shame-inducing entirety.

As his now-prescient seeming ex had predicted, choosing just one final suitor at the end of the eight-week process was, indeed, quite difficult for the race car driver and after agonizing over his choice since the end of filming, he felt quite sure that he’d made a mistake in letting reserved saleswoman Lauren Burnham go.

Sensing the inevitable backlash from his flip-flop, a move known in Bachelor parlance as “pulling a Mesnick,” in honor of Jason Mesnick‘s After the Final Rose switch from Melissa Rycroft to now-wife Molly Mesnick, he went through all the right motions to show that, no, guys, this time I’m sure. Flying to see Burnham at her parents’ Virginia home, he begged for forgiveness and made nice with her family. And minutes after his brutal dumping of Kufrin aired on the finale special—as he was still being crucified on Twitter by the likes of Sean Lowe and other franchise alum—he knelt before his new final choice with a fresh Neil Lane diamond telling her, “I have made some bad decisions, but the best decision was running back to you. I can’t imagine a life without you. You have shown me a love that is patient, a love that is kind, and I truly believe you are my soul mate.”

Not that any of that was enough for the cynics who began placing bets on the duo’s longevity. Sure, let’s see how long this one lasts. (For the record Kelly Ripa set the over/under at 100 days.)

Who put their money on forever? Because the Arizona-based real estate agents are set to wed later today, at Maui, Hawaii’s Haiku Mill and then, in June, they will welcome a child together, firmly cementing their connection for life. “Nothing compares, absolutely nothing compares to the moment you find out you’re going to be a dad!” the 37-year-old wrote on Instagram. “We cried, we laughed and it really was such a special moment for us, we’re so freakin’ happy!”

Take that, haters!

For the record, this is the dramatic ending they had always envisioned. Yes, he’d screwed up he readily admitted to anyone that would listen, but didn’t he get points for trying to right his wrong? His biggest crime was making a decision at all, when it can feel next to impossible to commit to a lifetime after just a handful of outings that in no way represent what real life would be like. The day after his final date with Kufrin, who unlike the more camera-shy Burnham “was so herself, on and off camera,” he described to GQ earlier this year, “Production woke me up at seven in the morning, and they were like, ‘Okay, who is it?'”

He was conflicted, but the Bachelor production schedule waits for no indecisive man and so when it came time to slide that 3-carat sparkler on one woman’s hand he chose Kufrin.

“I felt like I was trying to be logical,” he explained. “I tried to think like, ‘Okay, I know who Becca is, and she’s a great person. In the moment, I felt like I was making the right choice.”

As for the wandering eye a few former paramours had accused him of having, that simply wasn’t the case. Sure he’d had some fun in the years since he got his heart broken by 2012’s Bachelorette Emily Maynard—in her 2014 memoir Courtney Robertson said he’d been dating another woman throughout the whole of their fling—but as he posed it to GQ, “What 36-year-old man hasn’t dated around if they’re single?”

His romance with Burnham, 27, was different, though. He was different when he was with her. Even his Indianapolis 500-winning dad Arie Luyendyk Sr. marveled about seeing his son in love like this. “It’s like there’s one person, almost, between the two of them,” he told the mag. “They’re so connected.”

It was an enigmatic quality Luyendyk Jr. had sensed even before he really knew the Texas-based beauty. “I just kind of fell in love with her before I really knew who she was,” he explained. “I know that sounds kind of crazy, but I think there is that type of love out there where you just are blown away from the moment you meet somebody. That’s kind of how it was with her.”

As the weeks wore on and they hopped from the Bachelor mansion to Lake Tahoe to Paris to Tuscany, he fell harder for her sweet personality, her connection to her family and the fact that they shared the same goofy sense of humor.

So even though he picked Kufrin, he liked Kufrin, he couldn’t shake the reminders of what he’d given up. So with his fiancée’s permission, he reached out to his runner up, sliding into her DMs on New Year’s Eve and setting up a time to chat the next day. “As soon as I heard her voice,” he recalled, “I knew that I had to end things with Becca.”

In the made-for-TV recap it seemed like Burnham was immediately forgiving, taking back the man who dumped her without reservations and she admits she was excited to see him. Still, she clarified to The Hollywood Reporter a day after their After the Final Rose appearance, “Obviously I had my reservations and I needed an explanation behind it and reassurance of that, but I think we’ve gotten through that and are in a really good place.”

Luyendyk Jr., she told GQ, promised to “spend the rest of his life making it up to me.” And that started with the long-awaited on-camera proposal. “She’s always giving me slack that it’s obviously long overdue,” he explained to THR, “and so I wanted it to be perfect.”

Really, his goal was to make their entire life picture perfect, starting with their road trip from her parents’ place in Virginia to his Arizona condo. After a seemingly endless vacation that saw them traipsing around Iceland, Spain, Australia and Hong Kong, capturing each moment for posterity and Instagram likes, and viewing some 70 potential homes they put an offer down on a $870,000 four-bedroom Scottsdale home with high, vaulted ceilings and the walk-in closet of Burnham’s dreams. “As soon as we walked in,” Luyendyk Jr. declared, “we knew this was our home.”

The farmhouse style spread was the kind of place they could grow into, they hinted to Us Weekly, weeks before revealing they were already well on their way.

“I kind of had a feeling that I might be pregnant,” Burnham told the mag of learning she was expecting this fall. “So my friend insisted on bringing a pregnancy test over.” Giving her man the honor of reading the results, “Arie came out with the test in his hand and tears in his eyes. He was like, ‘You’re pregnant!'”

Just to be really sure, they rushed to the store for extra insurance tests, each of the six they chose returning with the same result. “We weren’t trying,” he admitted, “but we are so excited. It’s going to be a whole new chapter in our lives.”

Much like their relationship, the initial passages were rough, with morning sickness leaving Burnham confined to their home for much of October. “But over the last week I’ve started feeling a lot better,” she noted, “so it’s nice to have my energy back.”

Arie Luyendyk Jr, Lauren Burnham, Venetian, Las Vegas

The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

She needed it as she and Luyendyk enjoyed a joint bachelor-bachelorette weekend in Las Vegas with their pals put the finishing touches on their 100-person vows at Hawaii’s historic sugar mill, a venue resplendent in greenery and charming architectural details. “It’s going to be intimate and very classy,” Luyendyk told Us Weekly of the winter affair that won’t be captured by ABC’s cameras. “The TV element kind of adds a little bit of pressure too,” she explained of her decision to E! News, “so we don’t have to worry about that.”

Their next task will involve preparing for their little girl, due to arrive this June. And in true Bachelor fashion, the early months of pregnancy have provided their share of twists. “We actually did the early gender test online, so we took our test at 10 weeks,” Burnham recently revealed to Us Weekly. “We got the results back from that, and it was that we were having a boy.”

Information in hand, they taped a gender reveal with the show’s producers and dreamt up the perfect name for a boy. Then came an ultrasound at 15 weeks where the tech informed them that, actually, they were 98 percent sure it was a girl. The news, while confusing, was happy for Burnham, who admitted she was “really nervous to be a boy mom because I just don’t know that I can relate as well, being a woman relating to a little boy.”

But Team Bachelor was less stoked. “The phone call back to the producers was hilarious because they’re like, ‘Arie, you’re always making things difficult!'” he shared. “We all had a big laugh about it.”

Because while their journey was certainly one of the most dramatic ever, they’ve  fully embraced their origin story. “The fact is, I’m really happy with Lauren,” he summed up in his profile with GQ. “So for me, it was all worth it.”

90 Day Fiancé’s Larissa Arrested for Domestic Violence After Fight With Colt


90 Day Fiancé’s Larissa Arrested for Domestic Violence After Fight With Colt


UPDATE: Larissa Dos Santos Lima has been released on bail from the Clark County Detention Center, according to court records. The reality star is due back in court on Feb. 12 for one charge of misdemeanor domestic battery.


Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Colt Johnson‘s rocky relationship has taken another explosive turn.

The 90 Day Fiancé couple, whose tumultuous romance has played out in the press in recent months, are in the news again after an argument between Larissa and Colt led to the police being called and Larissa being arrested.

Las Vegas Police confirm to E! News that Larissa was arrested at 5 a.m. local time. She was charged with battery, domestic violence, a misdemeanor. There is a mandatory 12-hour hold and she is now in custody at the Clark County Detention Center. Colt has not been arrested.

On Thursday night, Larissa took to Instagram to post a series of since-deleted photos and videos, showing her with a seemingly bloody face. Larissa first posted a photo of her face with the caption, “colt called the cops on me we argue.”

She went on to post a video, repeating that Colt had called the cops on her. “I’ll be deported,” she said in the video. “I just scratch him because he was hurt me…I’m really hurt, but he called the police first.”

“Colt argued because many vids he tortured me,” Larissa later wrote on her Instagram Story, captured by fans. “I need one attorney he called the cops. Please help me he will lie.”

She went on to explain that the “reason” for the fight was because Colt had purchased a porn video, posting the receipt on Instagram.

90 Day Fiancé blogger John Yates also posted a photo, allegedly of Colt after his fight with Larissa, showing him with a bloody mouth.

Police confirm to E! News that a call came in last night at 11:23 pm. Larissa told officers she was battered by Colt and she wanted to press charges. According to TMZ, officers responded to the call, but Colt wasn’t there, so they returned hours later to speak to both Colt and Larissa. And, after examining Colt’s fingernails, police determined Larissa’s facial injury couldn’t have been from him, TMZ reports, because “he’s a nail-biter.”

After learning of Larissa’s two previous domestic violence arrests and based on the evidence, Larissa was then arrested. She’s reportedly being held on $3,000 bond.

A GoFundMe page has since been created to help pay for Larissa’s bail and legal fees, with a goal of raising $5,000.

Larissa was previously arrested for domestic battery in November, which according to court records, was her second arrest for domestic violence. She had been arrested earlier in 2018 but the charges have since been dismissed. E! News learned in December that Larissa will not face domestic battery charges for her November arrest because the Clark County District Attorney rejected the case.




CAPTAIN MARVEL Final Trailer (2019) Brie Larson, Marvel Superhero Movie HD


CAPTAIN MARVEL Final Trailer (2019) Brie Larson, Marvel Superhero Movie HD

Carol Danvers becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.

Gully Boy | Official Trailer


Gully Boy | Official Trailer

The Time is up!

His words will set him free! Here’s presenting the trailer of Gully Boy starring Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt. Releases in cinemas 14th Feb.

R. Kelly Potentially Planning To Flee to Africa


R. Kelly Potentially Planning To Flee to Africa