8Leah Remini’s Most Shocking Scientology Claims

Leah Remini is releasing a book that will give readers an insight into what it was like to be involved in Scientology. She recently appeared on 20/20 to help promote her book, and let’s just say some of the claims that she made were more than just shocking! Leah Remini explained that she was first introduced to the religion of Scientology by her mother, while of course Leah was still a small child. Her mother had signed her up for a strict sect of the Church that was called the Sea Org. They forced a young Leah to sign a contract with them for….get this…. a billion years. Yup the Sea Org and the Church of Scientology believe in reincarnation… which isn’t an absurd thought…. but making a child sign a way a billion years of their life…. might be a bit overboard! Seriously maybe they should wait until the children they force to sign the contracts are actually old enough to understand them!



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