7Katie Holmes Had Leah Sent Away for Reprogramming!

One of the weirdest and most shocking stories that Leah Remini revealed was about how she was sent away from reprogramming because Katie Holmes had written a complaint against her! Leah Remini explains that the Church of Scientology forced her to invite Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony to Tom Cruise’s wedding, Katie and Tom however had no idea about this. During the extravagant day long event, the Church of Scientology forced Lopez and Anthony to spend most of the wedding apart. Leah believes that the church was seeking Lopez as its newest member and possible female face of the church. Katie Holmes following the wedding would file a complaint against Leah with the Church for her “inappropriate behavior.” Which is a bit odd considering she didn’t really do anything wrong but just what the Church asked her to do. Maybe Katie was upset that the church wanted Lopez to be its new female face instead of her? Anyway because of Katie’s complaints Leah was sent away to get reprogrammed! Yes you read that right, she was sent away to get reprogrammed! Since this special aired Katie (who is no longer with the church) has publicly apologized to Leah for her actions that day.


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