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Lisa Rinna Accuses Dorit Kemsley of Coke Abuse and Drug Parties

Lisa Rinna Accuses Dorit Kemsley of Coke Abuse and Drug Parties

During this weeks episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills two shocking moments occurred towards the end of the episode. First of course Erika Jayne had an emotional breakdown.

After Jayne’s breakdown Lisa Rinna accused Dorit Kemsley of not only have a coke problem but also having a drug fueled party. Rinna recounts her version of events that occurred during a party that Dorit had hosted… and lets just say things are a little … weird.

Does Dorit Kemsley have a coke problem? Did Dorit Kemsley host a drug party? Your going to have to watch the clip below to find out! Let us know your thoughts in the comment section at the bottom of our page.

Written by Rebecca Williams

Rebecca Williams

Rebecca Williams has a huge heart and loves adventure. She will out-paddle you in a kayak, and then proceed to apologize for doing so. She hates the winter, yet loves the cold...

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  1. Lisa Rhinna is a low life slut. I will not watch the show again it until she leaves the show. She will do anything to get attention. UGH!!!!!!! It was my favorite HW show.

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