Mama Joyce Confronts Phaedra Parks; Spoilers from the Real Housewives of Atlanta

One of my favorite characters on the Real Housewives of Atlanta has to be Kandi Burruss‘ mother Mama Joyce. She has to be one of the most entertaining… creatures in the world. Anytime I see her on the Real Housewives of Atlanta I instantly get excited! During next week’s RHOA Mama Joyce will confront Phaedra Parks.

In this exclusive clip below Phaedra Parks welcomes Mama Joyce into her law office. Mama Joyce asks Phaedra how her and her children are doing, and Phaedra puts on her happy face as she explains that herself and the boys are all doing very good.

Some awkward silence before Phaedra Parks asks Mama Joyce what exactly brought her by to her law office today. Mama Joyce tells Phaedra that she was wondering what had happened between Parks and Kandi Burruss! Phaedra is a little taken back by this question, and well the ladies have a bit of a stare down before any words are said!

Phaedra explains that she went through hell last year, she had a lot going on…. and well her and Kandi just a had a little misunderstanding! Parks explains to Mama Joyce that her and Kandi are on the right track to fixing their friendship.

Mama Joyce isn’t having it as she continues to go on about how Porsha Williams and Phaedra where saying negative things about her daughter. Phaedra gives the stank eye before explaining that DeJuan came over and blew things out of proportion.

Mama Joyce reveals that because her daughter’s pregnancy is high risk, she worries that Phaedra is stressing out Kandi. Mama Joyce turns into the godfather as she goes on about how she doesn’t want anyone to hurt her daughter or cause her any pain… in the a scary threatening voice!

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