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Michelle Carter Requested Dead Boyfriend Conrad Roy Ashes Aunt Claims

Michelle Carter Requested Dead Boyfriend Conrad Roy Ashes Aunt Claims


Michelle Carter, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter because of encouraging her teen boyfriend Conrad Roy III to commit suicide — in thousands of disturbing texts – had asked his family for some of Roy’s ashes, according to his aunt.

Kim Bozzi told ABC’s 20/20 that Carter contacted Roy’s family members repeatedly following his tragic death.

“She wanted to go through his room and take some of his belongings,” Bozzi said.

In a shocking moment, Carter had even asked their family for some of Roy’s ashes, Bozzi added.

“That’s when things started to get weird,” Roy’s outraged aunt raged on the TV news program.

Roy, 18, killed himself by filling his truck with carbon monoxide. Among the grisly details revealed during Carter’s trial  was that Roy got out of his truck at one point, but Carter told him via text to get back in.

But in a bizarre legal twist, the judge agreed with Carter’s attorney’s request to “stay” the sentence and allow her to remain out of jail and release her on her probation terms.

Roy’s aunt Bozzi clearly has no love for Carter, telling 20/20, ‘She has to live as one of the most hated people in the country.

“I don’t think she helped to kill himself, I think she forced him to kill himself.

“I think if it wasn’t for her, he’d still be here,” Bozzi said.

Meanwhile, Carter’s lawyer, Joseph Cataldo, has said that Carter is sorry for the entire situation and regrets it.

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Roy’s cousin, Makenna O’Donnell earlier told Good Morning America that, saying she disagreed with the judge’s decision to let Carter remain free on probation until her appeal.

“It’s not enough. She should be in jail. It’s just, I don’t understand how someone can be free knowing that she deliberately told him to get back in the car,” O’Donnell sighed.

In just one of her evil texts, Carter wrote Roy on the day he killed himself, ‘The time is right and you are ready … just do it babe.”

Via: RadarOnline

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