Mitch McConnell might just be one of the most hated men in America this week! Following his silencing of Elizabeth Warren on the senate floor; the country has been left outraged. Karma’s a bitch though, because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell just got the worst homecoming parade ever!

When Sen. McConnell and Rep John Yarmuth (who was dumb to be seen in public with McConnell) arrived at the Louisville International Airport oddly enough at the same time, they were met with lets just say different reactions!

While Rep. Yarmuth – who has been public in his hated of President Trumps Travel Ban – was met with applause, Sen. McConnell was met with an enormous amount of boos! 

McConnell quickly escaped his unwelcoming homecoming in a black SUV; however things weren’t in the clear for McConnell just yet! As soon as he arrived home, the protesters decided to move from the airport…. to right outside of McConnell’s home!

Several hundred protesters gathered outside of McConnell’s home, and over the next several hours peacefully protested while reading Coretta Scott King’s 1986 letter over a bullhorn.

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