Mother Funders Robin Dyke Strikes Back

Last week when Mother Funders star Robin Dyke decided to quit the PTO after countless actions of harassment from its president Carla, we thought we might have seen the last of Robin. Luckily that’s not that case, Bravo recently released two previews for Sunday nights episode of the Mother Funders. One features Robin going up against Carla in a pie eating contest and the other well features Robin Dyke striking back, and deciding that its more important to help her school than deal with Carla.

Robin Dyke sporting an interesting choice of attire, talks to her best friend and newest PTO mom Shana Koorse. Robin and Shana go rogue as they start to discuss other ways to raise money for there school that don’t involve Carla and her PTO board. Smart move by Robin, because if I was a PTO mom in that school, I would have lost my marbles by now with Carla’s insane way of doing things.

Robin suggests providing alcohol at their event because it a money maker, which certainly will piss Carla the hell off when she finds out! Check out these two clips below!

Written by Rebecca Williams

Rebecca Williams

Rebecca Williams has a huge heart and loves adventure. She will out-paddle you in a kayak, and then proceed to apologize for doing so. She hates the winter, yet loves the cold...

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