Ramona Singer Out of Control? Inside Ramona’s Recent Meltdown

Late last month it was reported that Real Housewives of New York City’s Ramona Singer was kicked out of a party hosted by co-star Dorina Medley‘s boyfriend. While at first it was believed that Ramona was defending a random drunk guest who was about to get the boot, we can now reveal inside details about Ramona’s shocking behavior before this!

During this recent party hosted by John Mahdessian in NYC, Ramona Singer was demanding that the bartenders replenish her alcohol before she even asks’ them… and well if they didn’t comply she threatened that they would all be fired! Ramona Singer was reportedly completely wasted, and at a point was even unable to stand on her own.

Towards the end of the night we revealed that Ramona Singer was argueing with the cast of the Real Housewives of New York who felt like her date was harassing them. Singer of course showed up with a much younger date, who is also a former boyfriend of LuAnn de Lesseps. 

When the catering company that was working the event denied the couple service, Ramona Singer reportedly got into the staff’s faces and cursed them out. Soon after Dorinda Medley’s boyfriend Mahdessian had enough and asked Ramona and her date to leave. However once outside Ramona Singer caused an even bigger scene than she did inside.

Ramona Singer and her date went outside and bystanders report that it looked like a physical brawl took place, because fists were seen flying in every direction. It wasn’t until John Mahdessian made his way outside, and demanded the couple to get off his property that Ramona ended up leaving.

Following the blowup at Dorina Medley’s party Ramona Singer was spotted at the Sushi Roxx in Midtown Manhattan. During this outing Ramona Singer was seen giving a mystery man a lap dance while making out with him.

“Ramona was very pushy with the staff,” the insider claimed. “She kept asking the DJ to play the ‘hot music’ so she could do a sexy lap dance for her new man.”

Ramona Singer isn’t the only housewife getting funky and stealing her friends ex-boyfriends though!

It’s recently been revealed by a new article from PageSix, that the Real Housewives of New York have already started filming season 8. According to these reports LuAnn DeLesseps has been seen filming with a new man by her side.

LuAnn DeLesseps new boyfriend is Thomas D’Agostino JR, who is a millionaire businessman. Thomas D’Agostino JR and LuAnn have actually been spotted having lunch together in Sag Harbor, New York with LuAnn’s son Noel.

Thomas D’Agostino JR has actually been previously linked to Ramona Singer if you are wondering why the name might sound familiar! They actually dated a few months back before Ramona Singer cheated on Thomas D’Agostino.

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