Ramona Singer’s NEW Millionaire Boyfriend Revealed!

Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer has had one hell of a year to say the least, from her embarrassing attempt to save her marriage (only to continue to be publicly cheated on,) to her extremely public divorce, it’s about damn time; that the original crazy eyes found herself a suitable bachelor.

While Ramona Single revealed recently on Watch What Happens Live that she was dating guys here and there, inside sources at RadarOnline revealed earlier this week that their does actually happen to be one certain special man in Singer’s life. Source close to the Reality TV star opened up this week and revealed that Ramona Singer was in bed with a very famous Manhattan Business man by the name of Thomas D’Agostino Jr.

While Ramona Singer may not be ready just yet to settle down following her public humiliation when she found out that her husband was continuing to cheat on her, it does look like things are heating up between Ramona Singer and Thomas. Ramona Singer’s close friends claim that while the couple aren’t exclusive yet, they might as well be because they both only have eyes for each other.

Ramona Singer certainly nailed herself a catch as it’s been revealed that her potential new man Thomas D’Agostine not only participates in the same social circle that Singer’s has been running in for years but he also is a CEO of Smartsource, and continues to own expensive real estate all over Manhattan!

Maybe Bethenny Frankel should have been introduced to Ramona’s new man sooner, then maybe we wouldn’t’ have had to listen to her bitch about being “homeless” all season! What do you guys think of Ramona Singer dating a man with the net worth of over 50 million dollars? Are you guys surprised to see that she actually found a man to wine and dine her!?

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