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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap Season 6 Episode 10

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap Season 6 Episode 10


Tonight’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills begins with a recap of last week’s episode. We are reminded of the drama between Kathryn Edwards and Faye Resnick before being shown the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season six taglines. Over to Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards who are making some coffee and tea.

Vanderpump begins their discussion by explaining that she had seen Kyle the day before the BBQ (that didn’t include a BBQ.) Vanderpump continues that she had been under the impression that it was suppose to be a small BBQ. Kyle responds that it was a small BBQ, and Lisa immediatly cuts her off to tell her that Kyle knew that she had a problem with Faye Resnick.

Kyle is a little shocked by Lisa’s confession, and asks Lisa Vanderpump if she is being serious. Vanderpump reveals that she hadn’t seen Faye since their last altercation, and Kyle tells Lisa that she was under the impression that Vanderpump didn’t hold a grudge!

In her confessional interview Lisa Vanderpump explains that three years prior Faye Resnick had attacked her at her own anniversary party. Lisa claims that Faye has never apologized for that altercation. We get a flashback of three years prior where Faye Resnick is telling Lisa Vanderpump that she believes everything she does is orchestrated with premeditation.

Lisa Vanderpump explains that she didn’t actually know Faye Resnick well enough for her to make such accusations about her character. Lisa Vanderpump continues to tell Kyle Richards that it was a sit down BBQ for ten before Kyle interrupts to tell her that she had Brandi Glanville at a dinner party following Kyle’s fight with her.

Lisa Vanderpump tells Kyle that she could have told her in advance that Faye Resnick was going to be coming to Kyle’s dinner party. Kyle Richards responds by telling Lisa Vanderpump that she is being incredibly rude.

However Vanderpump continues that she doesn’t like Faye Resnick. In her confessional interview Kyle Richards explains that if you are still holding onto something for three years, than you are holding a grudge!

Kyle Richards tells Vanderpump that she has other things on her mind right now, and that life is way to short. Lisa Vanderpump continues to dig in and asks Kyle if she had invited “Witchypoo” how would Kyle feel. Kyle explains to Lisa that at first she would be a taken aback that Carlton was invited however she really wouldn’t care because she is over it!

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Yolanda Find’s Out About the Drama


Kyle Richards tells Lisa that Faye Resnick has never talked about Lisa behind her back, however Vanderpump just isn’t buying it! Over to Erika Jayne and Yolanda Foster as the ladies prepare for a walk!

Yolanda is actually feeling really good following her previous surgery! During their walk Erika asks Yolanda how she felt about Kyle’s the previous night and Yolanda explains that she felt good about it.

Yolanda and Erika gossip about the drama between Faye and Kathryn. Erika fills Yolanda in on what happened after she had left the party. Of course Erika lets Yolanda know that the ladies were discussing whether or not her children actually have Lyme Disease.

Erika reveals in her confessional interview that she feels like it is her duty to protect Yolanda. Foster of course is shocked that the ladies would be discussing her children in such a negative manner.

Yolanda reveals in her confessional interview that she wished that the ladies would use the energy they use talking about her….. to take care of her. Yolanda reveals to Erika that Lisa Rinna had called her earlier in the day and explains that they will be meeting up soon in order to talk about the Munchhausen syndrom drama.

Over to Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump again as they make there way over to plan a party together at a very fancy looking hotel. The party will be a duel annerversary party for Kyle/Mauricio and Lisa/Kenn.

Lisa Vanderpump makes it clear that she really doesn’t want Faye Resnick to come to the party, however Kyle on the other hand doesn’t want to not have her best friend at the party.

Over to Erika Jayne and Lisa Rinna! Lisa arrives at Erika’s house and she gets a tour of the mansion that Erika resides in. Surprisingly Erika Jayne has her very own chapel in her mansion. Erika explains in her confessional interview that she built her chapel because she loves to collect art…. which is a totally great reason to build a chapel!

Lisa Rinna reveals that she went out to Erika’s in order to discuss with her what the best direction would be for her upcoming conversation with Yolanda Foster. Over to Kathryn Edwards as she is catering to her man! Kathryn explains that her and Donny met through mutual friends, and well she was attracted to his shy personality… which is pretty damn odd if you ask me!

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Yolanda Foster and Lisa Rinna Discuss Munchausen Syndrome


Kathryn and Donny discuss Kyle and Lisa’s upcoming party, Faye Resnick is of course invited and Kathryn doesn’t know how comfortable she will be seeing Faye again. Kathryn explains that she was actually shocked that Faye wasn’t a monster like she had imagined when she ended up actually meeting her. She also explains that she wanted to read Faye completely however Faye was to nice to her for her to go into attack mode.

Over to Erika Jayne and Lisa Rinna again. Erika brings up the discussion about Yolanda Foster’s children during the previous nights party, and Lisa Rinna believes that Yolanda does that to herself by putting her illness out there.

Lisa Rinna then discusses the whole munchausen syndrome drama, and well Lisa is really making it seem like she wasn’t the one who brought up the world. Lisa Rinna tells Erika that she is afraid of what will happen with Yolanda…. however Erika tells Lisa not to worry.

Over to Eileen Davidson and her husband who have finally returned from Italy. Eileen explains that while Italy was amazing and wonderful…. she just really emotionally drained at this point. Vincent and Eileen discuss Eileen spreading her sister’s ashes and the upcoming party hosted by Vanderpump and Richards.

Over to Lisa Rinna and Yolanda Foster!!! Rinna explains in her confessional interview that she finds Yolanda very hard to talk to and feels even more uncomfortable that they will be discussing this in Yolanda’s home.

Lisa reveals to Yolanda that she feels horrible that she engaged in discussions about Yolanda’s Lyme Disease diagnosis. Foster asks Lisa why she thinks Yolanda post’s pictures on Instagram…. and Lisa Rinna tells Yolanda for awareness of course (Rinna totally does not actually think that!)

Lisa Rinna tells Yolanda that she knows that she can be a complete asshole and apologizes for her actions. Foster in her confessional interview however thinks that Lisa is just deflecting her own issues and not actually admitting to her own faults. Lisa tells Yolanda about the whole Munchausen syndrome drama and Yolanda is confused about what the world even means.

Yolanda Foster is pretty nice about the whole thing, and tells Lisa Rinna that everyone makes mistakes. Lisa Rinna explains in her confessional interview that she feels like the biggest piece of shit ever that she would even question Yolanda’s illness.

Yolanda is clearly not looking well again, and Lisa Rinna tells Yolanda that she feels like she should go in order to let Yolanda get some rest. Well that was one of the least dramatic fights ever….

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Let the Party Begin


Back from commercial break and we are over to Kyle Richards as her and the family prepare for the upcoming party. Kyle explains that in Beverly Hills it’s shocking to be married to someone for so long…. so she feels the need to go all out for their annerversary party. We watch all of the ladies get dressed up in the sluttest outfits that money can buy…. this episode is seriously lacking entertainment.

Kathryn Edwards and Erika Jayne gossip about Lisa Rinna and Yolanda Foster on their way over to the party. Kathryn is shocked to learn that the other housewives are actually questioning Yolanda Foster’s diagnosis. We slowly watch all of the ladies make their arrival to Lisa and Kyle’s joint annerversary party.

Camille Grammer is once again at tonights event…. and I seriously hope that we get more than thirty seconds of her this time!

Kathryn Edwards explains to Erika Girardi that as woman they need to not only be guarded when it comes to their men… but also on there feet. Erika agrees with Kathryn that as woman they have it tougher than the men do when it comes to relationships. Kathryn continues that when your to nice of a woman you get taken advantage of, and Erika agrees that it makes you look weak.

“When your too mean than you are a c***,” Erika Girardi explains to Kathryn Edwards. Surprisingly Kathryn is instantly offended and tells Erika to please not use the C word because she absolutely hates it. Erika questions why Kathryn hates the word so much, and Edwards explains that she thinks its a disgusting word to use.

In her confessional interview Kathryn Edwards explains that to her the C word is the most degrading thing that you can call someone else. Edwards tells Erika not to use that word anymore around her because it’s just such a dirty word. “You don’t talk like that,” Kathryn tells Erika.

Erika however tells Kathryn that she actually does kind of “talk like that.” Kathryn insists that Erika doesn’t talk like that, while Erika tells Kathryn that she will refrain from using the C word in Kathryn’s presence. Kathryn tells Erika Jayne that she is to beautiful to use just a disgusting word, however in her confessional interview Erika doesn’t seem to be on the same page.

“She is trying to correct me, and first of all I don’t care. Number two… I am still going to use to word C*** every F***ing time that I can say it”

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Kathryn Edwards Doesn’t Like Faye Resnick


Of course the final women to arrive are Faye Resnick and Taylor Armstrong. Surprisingly Faye and Lisa Vanderpump are very nice and complimentary towards each other. Eileen and the ladies begin to discuss Yolanda Foster yet again, this time however there is no trash talking about her illness!

The ladies cheer Kyle Richards on as she gives the dirtiest dance that her body can handle. Blah Blah Blah the ladies dance…. and still nothing is really happening. Kyle sits down with Lisa and Kathryn. Kyle wants to know if Lisa was nice to Faye, and of course Kathryn butts her head in to tell the ladies that she hasn’t heard anything nice about Faye Resnick. Kyle of course defends her best friend.

Lisa Vanderpump explains that Faye was very rude to her in the past, and Kathryn asks Kyle when she met Faye Resnick. When she learns that Kyle met Faye in 1994… she is a bit disgusted considering the things Faye was doing at that time. Kathryn opens up about her feelings towards Faye Resnick and the book she wrote…. however Kyle just keeps defending Faye and turning it against Kathryn!

Kyle is shocked that Kathryn is talking about Faye so negatively especially over something that happened 20 years ago.  Kathryn continues to talk about how distasteful she found Faye’s book to be…. and Kyle continues to defend Faye Resnick. In her confessional interview Kyle reveals that she is mad that Kathryn would talk negatively about her best friend… during her annerversary party.

Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump go off to the side, and Kyle tells Lisa that she is offended that Kathryn would talk such trash during her anniversary party. Lisa however on the other hand disagrees and thinks Kathryn has reason to dislike Faye. Lisa and Kyle end up getting in a little bit of an argument with each other before Lisa makes her way back to the bar.





  1. Vivian Miller

    Apr 28, 2016 at 1:42 am

    I love Yolanda you have so much beauty and class. Those girls are bullies. Be yourself. You are the best and I love you

  2. Alicia Lyke

    Aug 20, 2016 at 10:16 am

    ladies you looking good…

  3. Alicia Lyke

    Aug 20, 2016 at 10:16 am

    ladies you looking good…

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Erika Girardi/Jayne Announces Memoir Release Date

Rebecca Williams



Erika Girardi/Jayne Announces Memoir Release Date


RHOBH star Erika Girardi aka Erika Jayne is releasing her memoir. I have to say, I’ve read a lot of books written by Housewives and I’m super excited to read about Erika. She’s so mysterious on the show and I feel like I want to know everything about her. Well, Erika’s memoir has a release date!

“#PrettyMess coming March 20, 2018! @SimonBooks,” she captioned the following photo on Instagram.

Erika originally announced she was releasing her book in July, telling E! News, “Without Erika Jayne, Erika Girardi would just be another rich bitch with a plane.”

“I hope my intimate story can inspire readers to become their own strong, confident and vibrant pretty messes,” she added.

Publisher Jennifer Bergstrom told the site: “This book proves why Erika Jayne is a fan favorite: She’s fun and she’s fearless—and for the first time, she’s here to tell all.”

Will you be reading Erika’s book? I know I will.

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RHOBH Season 8 Premiere Date, Trailer and Cast Photos

Rebecca Williams



RHOBH Season 8 Premiere Date, Trailer and Cast Photos


FINALLY! The moment we’ve been waiting for… the trailer for season 8 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Erika Girardi, Lisa Rinna, Dorit Kemsley and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave are this season’s full-time Housewives, but Camille Grammer is back part-time and entertaining the idea of getting married again.

Press Release: “This season, the ladies are busier than ever, juggling life at home and in the boardroom. In addition to wrapping production on her series ‘American Woman’ and expanding her retail business, Kyle is at a crossroad when she has to decide whether to renovate or move out of the home where she’s raised her daughters. Dorit gives herself just a couple months to re-launch her swimwear line, which proves to be a nearly impossible task. Erika pours herself into Erika Jayne’s meteoric rise, back in the recording studio and opening up in shocking ways as she writes her autobiography. Meanwhile, Lisa Rinna is a focused “momager” to her two model daughters, who are poised to be the next “it” girls, but struggles to keep them grounded as they continue to travel the world and grow up very fast. Lisa Vanderpump is knee-deep in rescue dogs, as her new business, Vanderpump Dogs, continues to thrive, but will she be able to do it all once she also takes on editor of a magazine? From casual lunches to luxurious escapades, there’s no doubt that living this large has its ups and downs, but these housewives have their famed zip code – and then some – in the palms of their hands.”

At 19, Dorit Kemsley left her hometown of Woodbridge, Connecticut, to fulfill her childhood dream of traveling the world. She ended up in Italy, where she put her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Design and Communication to use working at a global swimwear company for ten years. Dorit decided to move to New York to start her own business in the fashion industry, Dorit, specializing in Italian resort and swimwear. While living in the Big Apple, she met her husband, Paul “PK” Kemsley, at a restaurant. They moved to Los Angeles in May 2015 and today share two young children, son Jagger and daughter Phoenix. There is never a dull moment in their 10,000 square foot home that is filled with staff, children and the company of PK’s live-in client and music icon, Boy George. A dedicated full-time mom, this business-savvy fashionista also works alongside her husband in overseeing all aspects of their management agency Nixxi Entertainment. Dorit expertly juggles her home life with sensitive business dealings, even managing to co-host glamorous events with PK. Outside of this, she is an active philanthropist dedicated to preventing children’s injuries by supporting Safe Kids. Dorit is stepping back into the fashion game, re-launching her swimwear line in a big way.

At 18, Erika Girardi left her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia and moved to New York City to pursue her dream of becoming a singer and performer. Two years later, Erika was married and had a son. After divorcing his father, she moved to Los Angeles where she met and married her current husband, famed trial attorney Tom Girardi. Erika made her smash debut on the music scene in 2007 with her first single “Rollercoaster,” which went number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. Since then, she’s had several number one Billboard singles, toured the world, and has collaborated with the likes of Flo Rida. When Erika Jayne is not performing, Erika Girardi can be found “living a big life” at her five acre, 1920’s estate. As Erika Jayne’s success continues to soar, she is back in the recording studio and penning her inspiring autobiography.

Kyle Richards, a California native, was born into an acting family in Hollywood, California. She landed her first role at age four in Disney’s Escape to Witch Mountain, where she played the younger version of her sister, Kim Richards. Kyle’s television credits include Little House on the Prairie, Carter Country, Down To Earth, and E.R. Her film credits include Halloween and The Watcher in the Woods. Additional acting credits include Deadly Sibling Rivalry, and a guest appearance on CSI and Days of Our Lives. Kyle most recently appeared on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice. Her husband, Mauricio Umansky, is one of the nation’s top realtors, and founder and CEO of The Agency, representing clients around the world. Kyle keeps busy running her successful business, the high-end boutique Kyle by Alene Too, that continues to expand, as well as working as a producer on her series American Woman. Kyle’s greatest passion, however, is being a mother to her four daughters: Farrah, Alexia, Sophia and Portia.

Raised in small-town Medford, Oregon but always dreaming of a more fabulous life, Lisa has used her exotic looks, infectious energy and savvy business acumen to become one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. Lisa is known to many as Billie Reed, the free-spirited character she played on NBC’s daytime hit Days of Our Lives, as well as love-to-hate Taylor McBride on Fox’s long-running hit, Melrose Place. Never one to turn down good work, Lisa’s list of credits is long and varied. She has been seen on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and Sing Your Face Off and the hit NBC reality show, All-Star Celebrity Apprentice. She also starred as Roxie in Broadway’s long running hit musical Chicago.  Other credits include Veronica Mars, Entourage, and the Lifetime Original movies, Sex, Lies and Obsession and Another Woman’s Husband, which boasted one of the highest ratings for any film on the network.  From 2002-2006, she hosted her own successful talk show, Soap Talk, for which she earned four Emmy nominations in the “Outstanding Talk Show Host” category.  An accomplished New York Times best-selling author, Lisa has released three books, entitled The Big, Fun, Sexy Sex Book, Starlit, and Rinnavation. A longtime lover of fashion, Lisa’s Belle Gray by Lisa Rinna collection for QVC was a tremendous success. Lisa is married to Harry Hamlin and they live in Beverly Hills, navigating life with their two daughters, Delilah Belle and Amelia Gray, who are taking modeling world by storm.

Lisa Vanderpump was born and raised in London, but lived in Monte Carlo and the South of France before moving to California. She and her husband Ken Todd have two children, Pandora and Max, plus their numerous pets that they also consider their babies. While living in Europe, she designed various homes, yachts and all 26 of their bars and restaurants. Lisa hasn’t slowed down since moving to the states.  She and her husband own three restaurants: Villa Blanca, a so-called celebrity hangout described as “the sexiest restaurant” in Beverly Hills, SUR, which is featured in “Vanderpump Rules” and PUMP, which was named one of the “top 100 hot spot restaurants in America by Open Table” in West Hollywood. An advocate for the local and national LGBT community, Lisa is a spokesperson for GLAAD, plays an active role in the Trevor Project and has led the annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles. Most recently, Lisa took on the role of editor-in-chief at Beverly Hills Magazine. Her true passion lies in her canine charity work, and she continues to lead the charge with her newly established foundation, Vanderpump Dogs.

Born in Bloomington, Indiana and raised in Hilton Head Island, SC, Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave made a name for herself at a young age as a competitive Equestrian. Her love of the sport started at age 4, and she found herself competing throughout the country with the venerable Don Stewart Stables. After winning the stakes class in her final year competing, Teddi relocated to Los Angeles at 17 where she worked at CAA and UTA. She returned to her passion of equestrian riding but went from professional to amateur after having children and currently competes on horses owned by Balmoral Farms. Teddi’s profession as an accountability coach and fitness influencer arose from her desire to help others achieve healthier lifestyles, stemming from her passion in achieving her own goals. LA Workout Junkie started out with Teddi reviewing various fitness classes in Los Angeles and morphed into her offering fitness advice to her followers looking to be the best versions of themselves through self-accountability.  While not a certified fitness instructor or nutritionist, Teddi holds her clients accountable with daily check-ins and support as they work to achieve their goals. Teddi and her husband Edwin Arroyave, CEO and founder of Skyline Security Management, Inc., live in Los Angeles and have two children: daughter Slate and son Cruz. Teddi is also stepmother to Isabella, Edwin’s daughter from a previous relationship.

Camille is back and with a new outlook on life. In a healthy relationship for over a year now, she is finally able to entertain the idea of remarrying. Camille recently purchased a new home in Malibu and continues to be very involved in the fight against cancer through her charitable efforts. While her daughter Mason is finding success modeling in the teen fashion world, Camille is working to get her “sexy” back.
RHOBH season 8 premieres Tuesday, December 19 at 9/8c.

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBC Media

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RHOBH Star Dorit Kemsley Wants A Third Baby

Rebecca Williams



RHOBH Star Dorit Kemsley Wants A Third Baby


RHOBH star Dorit Kemsley isn’t done with the idea of having more children just yet.

“I think that if that happens, then it happens. I’m not focused on it, but I do also think that I’m put on this Earth and designed to be able to multitask, and be able to have a family, and have young babies and still have a career,” Dorit said to US Weekly. “I also have a lot of support and a great team around me. So it’s not really like everything is on me. So I have help.”

Dorit and PK already have two children, Jagger and Phoenix. PK has three other children from a previous marriage.

“We have five collectively, so we’ve got a big family. Listen, I think we both are of the mindset where, if it happens, it happens, but we’re not putting too much pressure on that,” Dorit said. “It all really started because my daughter, my youngest, she’s 20 months old, and she sort of became a toddler overnight. It was so rapid. So I long for that baby/mommy feeling. So I think that that’s where everything was brewing, but we’ll see what happens.”

For now Dorit will treat her bikini brand as her third baby right now, “so the desire might be muffled a little bit.”

“I sort of put my career on hiatus to start a family with my husband, and I was really focused on that,” she said about the timing of her line now. “Now it feels like I’m in that right place to do it all over again, and I’ve got great balance because I’ve got a supportive husband, and my children are just a little bit older. They’re not baby-babies, although they’re still babies in my heart. They’re off the bottle, and out of diapers, or one of them is, anyway. So it’s a little bit easier, and it just feels like it’s now.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


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