6Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap Season 6 Episode 10

Tonight’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills begins with a recap of last week’s episode. We are reminded of the drama between Kathryn Edwards and Faye Resnick before being shown the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season six taglines. Over to Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards who are making some coffee and tea.

Vanderpump begins their discussion by explaining that she had seen Kyle the day before the BBQ (that didn’t include a BBQ.) Vanderpump continues that she had been under the impression that it was suppose to be a small BBQ. Kyle responds that it was a small BBQ, and Lisa immediatly cuts her off to tell her that Kyle knew that she had a problem with Faye Resnick.

Kyle is a little shocked by Lisa’s confession, and asks Lisa Vanderpump if she is being serious. Vanderpump reveals that she hadn’t seen Faye since their last altercation, and Kyle tells Lisa that she was under the impression that Vanderpump didn’t hold a grudge!

In her confessional interview Lisa Vanderpump explains that three years prior Faye Resnick had attacked her at her own anniversary party. Lisa claims that Faye has never apologized for that altercation. We get a flashback of three years prior where Faye Resnick is telling Lisa Vanderpump that she believes everything she does is orchestrated with premeditation.

Lisa Vanderpump explains that she didn’t actually know Faye Resnick well enough for her to make such accusations about her character. Lisa Vanderpump continues to tell Kyle Richards that it was a sit down BBQ for ten before Kyle interrupts to tell her that she had Brandi Glanville at a dinner party following Kyle’s fight with her.

Lisa Vanderpump tells Kyle that she could have told her in advance that Faye Resnick was going to be coming to Kyle’s dinner party. Kyle Richards responds by telling Lisa Vanderpump that she is being incredibly rude.

However Vanderpump continues that she doesn’t like Faye Resnick. In her confessional interview Kyle Richards explains that if you are still holding onto something for three years, than you are holding a grudge!

Kyle Richards tells Vanderpump that she has other things on her mind right now, and that life is way to short. Lisa Vanderpump continues to dig in and asks Kyle if she had invited “Witchypoo” how would Kyle feel. Kyle explains to Lisa that at first she would be a taken aback that Carlton was invited however she really wouldn’t care because she is over it!

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