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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap Season 6 Episode 8

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 Episode 8 Recap


Tonight’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 Episode 8 begins with its typical recap from last week followed by the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 Taglines! The ladies are still in the Hamptons as we head over to Kyle Richards and her new pop up store located in South Hampton.

Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel makes her arrival to Kyle’s new store. Over to Eileen Davidson as she explains to Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne that her conversation with Lisa Vanderpump didn’t exactly go as planned. Erika is under the impression that Vanderpump was trying to get a reaction out of Eileen.

During last week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Bethenny Frankel made a cameo appearance while the ladies were enjoying a trip to the Hamptons. Before she even met Erika Girardi, Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel was comparing Erika to a playboy bunny.

Following meeting popstar Erika Jayne, Bethenny grilled Erika about what exactly her brand was. Erika Jayne tried to explain to Bethenny that what you see is what you get and that Erika Jayne is her alter ego. However Bethenny threw some shade at Erika telling her that she thought of her as more like Bambi!

During Tonight’s episode Kyle Richards explains to Bethenny that she thought that Erika was offended by Bethenny’s comments. Bethenny Frankel tells Richards that she is full of shit because she believes that Kyle Richards was offended by Erika Jayne’s music video as well. However Kyle tells Bethenny that she found the video to be good quality.

Kyle tries to explain to Bethenny that its her alter ego to be sexual, however Bethenny just wants to know if Erika is trying to make money off her music career. Kyle explains that Erika doesn’t need money, however Bethenny once again disagrees with Kyle!

Kyle explains in her confessional interview that she feels bad for Erika because she doesn’t know the kind of person that Bethenny is and how rash her personality can be.

Erika Jayne, Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna arrive on the scene just in time! Bethenny Frankel pulls Erika off to the side of the store to tell her how bad she feels after finding out from Kyle that she might have insulted Erika.

Erika explains to Bethenny Frankel that she wasn’t insulted and that she is a big girl! Frankel decides its a great time after apologizing to ask Erika if she is doing her music for fun or if she wants to make a career out of it!

Is Lisa Rinna to Blame?

Kyle Richards family starts to make their arrival to Kyle’s new store, while Bethenny begins signing copies of her book for Kyle’s party guests! Lisa Vanderpump makes her arrival, being of course the last to arrive on the scene! Bethenny asks Lisa Rinna what is going on between herself and the rest of the group, leaving Rinna to bring up the drama between herself and Kim Richards from last season.

Lisa Rinna admits to Bethenny Frankel that she feels somewhat responsible for Kim Richards relapse. Lisa believes that she was Kim’s worst nightmare… causing Bethenny to roll her eyes. While the ladies are talking about Kim Richards, Kyle is talking to her aunt about Kim as well!

Bethenny Frankel calls Kim Richards a bullshiter because she doesn’t understand why she can’t stay in rehab. Kyle explains in her confessional that she feels bad for Kim, and it doesn’t help that she isn’t speaking to Kim Richards. Kyle makes her way over to the ladies as Bethenny tells Kyle what Lisa Rinna was telling her.

Kyle Richards tells the ladies that she is worried about Kim and that it actually keeps her up every night. Back from commercial as Eileen and Lisa Vanderpump begin discussing again the drama that occurred the previous week with the affair word! Vanderpump is under the impression the Eileen Davidson is overreacting once again.

Kyle Richards explains that Lisa Vanderpump seems to always turn things around and makes the other person end up apologizing to her! Kyle Richards ends up bringing up a conversation about Brandi Glanville and how Brandi actually influenced the distance between herself and Kim Richards.

Lisa Vanderpump wants to know how Kyle Richards can’t be tortured by the drama going around with Kim Richards, however Kyle explains that it would probably be impossible! Lisa Rinna explains in her confessional that if Kyle actually knew her true feeling about Kim Richards that Kyle probably wouldn’t talk to her again.

The ladies end up changing the subject because Kyle begins to get emotional. Next topic of discussion is Yolanda Foster. Eileen reveals that Yolanda has a fever, while Lisa Rinna continues to question Yolanda’s illness in her confessional interview. Kyle explains in her confessional interview that she sometimes wonders if Lisa Vanderpump is just unable to be empathetic towards other people!

Eileen Davidson Breaks Down

Kyle Richards asks Lisa Vanderpump what keeps her up at night, and Lisa explains that she is very honest to her friends so she really doesn’t have personal issues going on in her life right now.

Eileen is a little shocked that Lisa has no personal problems, as Erika explains in her confessional that something has to keep Lisa up at night unless she is a monster!

Eileen explains how last year Yolanda had asked them to share something about themselves that no one really knew however they never did because of drama. Eileen explains that she has been in extremely physical relationships in the past as she begins to break down to the ladies.

Eileen explains that she use to get beat in a previous relationship as the ladies began to hug and comfort Eileen. Vanderpump is shocked that Eileen would open up to the ladies before throwing some more shade towards Eileen. However Kyle on the other hand is happy that Eileen is opening up to the ladies!

The ladies end their conversation as Erika Jayne makes her way to Ohio to pick up Yolanda Foster. Erika is of course in a private jet as Yolanda explains that Erika picking her up is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for her.

Yolanda looks very sick again, as Erika and Yolanda begin to discuss how helpful David Foster has been. Yolanda explains that her doctor told her that she has never seen someone with so much leakage in their body from breast implants.

Yolanda Foster thinks that this might be the cure to her illness as she begins to breakdown about how people have been doubting how sick she really is. Erika comforts Yolanda as Foster explains that she isn’t mad or hurt by the other ladies but rather feels bad that the other ladies have a lack of empathy.

Lisa Rinna Thinks Kathryn Edwards Sold Her Soul?

Faye Resnick heads over to Kyle Richards house which is very ironic considering Kathryn Edwards will make her debut tonight! Kyle and Faye begin to discuss decorating for her newest store. However Kim Richards gets brought up again as Faye wants to know what is going on with her.

Kyle explains that since Faye is like family she isn’t insulted that Faye is bringing up Kim. They begin to discuss how Kyle shouldn’t feel guilty however that she should also reach out to Kim Richards.

Lisa Rinna, Eileen Davidson, Erika Jayne and Camille Grammer head over to PUMP to enjoy a nice drama free meal together. Following a toast from one of the ladies Lisa Rinna notices that Kathryn Edwards is right behind her!

Lisa Rinna introduces Edwards to Eileen Davidson, and explains that they haven’t seen each other in years. During her confessional interview Lisa Rinna reveals that she met Edwards while she was working on Days of our Life.

Kathryn Edwards tells Eileen Davidson that she never really caught the acting bug and ended up in the modeling business. Lisa Rinna explains in her confessional interview that Kathryn has either sold her soul to the devil, or she has some special cocktail that she drinks. Rinna believes this because Edwards looks the same now as she did when they first met each other!

In a rather uncomfortable moment Lisa Rinna explains to Kathryn that OJ Simpson is flashing in her mind right now! Edwards ex-husband was actually rumored to have had an affair with Nicole Brown Simpson before her murder! Of course the morally corrupt Faye Resnick was the first person to mention this in her autobiography in 1994!

OJ Simpson and Awkwardness

Lisa Rinna begins to discuss Marcus Allen and Nicole’s affair while Kathryn Edwards tells Lisa that it was a really long time ago. Eileen lightens the mood by explaining that she actually went out with Marcus Allen a long time ago. Edwards explains that she got married to a different football player as Lisa Vanderpump makes her way over.

Lisa Vanderpump wants to know who Edwards is here with, and Kathryn explains that she came to support Vanderpump’s charity. Kyle Richards brings up the book that Faye Resnick wrote, and wants to know if Edwards knows Faye personally or just from the book that Faye wrote.

Edwards explains that her husband is 9 years younger than her which causes the other ladies to gush about how lucky she is. Lisa Rinna invited Edwards to hangout with them after Lisa’s party, before the ladies discuss Faye Resnick again. Camille has a little pissed look on her face, clearly she hasn’t gotten over what happen in season one.

The ladies make their way over to a restaurant where Kathryn Edwards meets up with them. Edwards is asked if she ever met Yolanda Foster during her modeling days however she reveals that while she doesn’t personally know her… she has seen her at some gigs.

Lisa Vanderpump makes her fashionably late arrival next as Eileen Davidson reveals that she is going to Italy soon to spread her sister’s ashes who passed away the previous year from breast cancer.

Time for even more awkwardness as Kyle Richards asks Kathryn Edwards if she knows who Faye Resnick is! Edwards denies know who Faye is which confuses Kyle Richards!

Edwards explains that she was only married to Marcus for a year when the drama happened. Edwards also explains that she has nothing nice to say about Faye in her confessional as she reveals to Kyle that she has never met Faye nor did she ever hang out with that group!

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Would Yolanda Hadid Ever Return to RHOBH?

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Would Yolanda Hadid Ever Return to RHOBH?


Former RHOBH star Yolanda Hadid was on the show for four seasons and gave viewers insight to her family, her battle with Lyme disease and her marriage to David Foster.

Yolanda was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen earlier this week, and opened up about with whom she still keeps in touch, what she thinks of last season’s drama, and if she’d ever return to the show.

The first question Andy asked Yolanda was if Yolanda was still friends with Erika Girardi? Yolanda responded saying, “Yes, I talked with her yesterday morning,”

The next question he asked was what Yo thinks of Rinna constantly questioning Kim Richards’ sobriety. Yolanda said, “It was heartbreaking for me. You can’t doubt or question those kinds of situations. Especially on national TV.”

Does Yolanda think Lisa Vanderpump uses being British and her humor as an excuse to make digs at the other ladies. Yolanda responded saying, “Absouletly.”

Does Yolanda agree with Rinna that Kyle Richards enables her sister Kim? Yolanda said, “I don’t think that is true.”

Is Yolanda still friends with Brandi Glanville? “We talk once in awhile,” she admitted.

Finally, one of the polls during the show was for viewers to vote on if they think Yolanda should come back to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Andy asked if Yolanda would ever come back and Yolanda said, “No I wouldn’t.”

Do you miss Yolanda on RHOBH?

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Lisa wrote on Instagram, “Rest in peace Pink Dog, we are devastated to see you go so suddenly… you were such a happy pink dog and we will miss you dreadfully, we love you.”

We are sorry to hear of Lisa’s loss.

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Why Brandi Glanville Can’t Stop Feuding With Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes

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Former RHOBH star Brandi Glanville has never been shy when it comes to talking about her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian and his new wife LeeAnn Rimes.

Well, LeAnn’s ex-husband Dean Sheremet is speaking out about how he handled his divorce and it might give us some insight as to why Eddie, LeAnn and Brandi are constantly feuding.

“I mean, Brandi can do whatever Brandi wants to do. Eight years ago, I got out of L.A. for that reason. I didn’t want to be part of that triangle. It would’ve been a square if I was involved. I didn’t want to be involved in the mudslinging and the bullsh*t,” he said.

“Thankfully, we didn’t have, as much as I wanted to have kids, LeAnn and I didn’t have any children. So I didn’t have to see her, and I didn’t have to be in her world, kind of a world of now LeAnn trying to be the mom to the kids and Brandi being threatened,” Dean told Bravo’s Personal Space. “There’s always gonna be some kind of bullsh*t that gets stirred up there, and for me, I was like, ‘You know what, I’m going to New York. You guys can have L.A. and all the craziness that comes with it, and I’m gonna start something fresh.’ And that’s why I had to get out of, I stopped writing songs, I stopped doing the kind of whole music world, just because I needed my own identity. So I was fortunate that I split from them emotionally and geographically.”

But as you know, Brandi and Eddie have two boys, Mason, 14, and Jake, 10.

“Everyone thinks [Brandi is] such a bitch, and she really is just one of the most sensitive souls. And she really takes things to heart. People think she just lashes out, but I think that they don’t realize that she has such a sweet and innocent soul, which sounds silly because most people don’t see her that way,” Sheremet explained. “But the way that I know her, I think it’s more of like she’s the mama bear where if she feels threatened, she’s gonna lash out. If she feels like someone’s coming up against someone she loves or hurting someone or hurting herself where she’s very sensitive and vulnerable, she will lash out at them. So that’s just Brandi being Brandi. I don’t think that she’ll ever change, and I don’t think the world wants her to change.”

“You have so many people that walk around on eggshells. She’s not always tactful of her timing of things, but what are you gonna do?” he shared. “I wouldn’t prefer to have anyone else in my corner if this sh*t was going down, so she’s a good girl.”

You can watch the video of Dean below:

What are your thoughts on what Dean had to say about Brandi?

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